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  1. No need, there is a service door behind the right hand side wheel guard and unbolt one of the engine mount should give you room to access water pump.
  2. Tow the car into my mechanic this morning and the car was fixed by 2pm and only $600 with genuine Toyota water pump. I'm extremely grateful as he not only done it so quickly but also fixing it at such a reasonable price especially after reading what others are charging. Not sure if I the post his contact here? But highly recommended if anyone have the same issues with their car.
  3. Hi All, I woke up this morning to a pool of coolant this morning, there was no signs of any leaks in the past. Got it towed to my mechanic and his told me its the water pump. How can a water pump just break without any notice?? Have anyone else experience similar problems as me ? is this a common fault for aurions?

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