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  1. Lowering my '05 Levin

    Hi Josh, I dropped my wagon on king superlows and new shocks at the same time. check out my profile pic to see what it looks like. no problems going over speed humps, steep driveways can scrape the tow ring at the rear.
  2. N.S.W Members Rides

    From this, To this, To this! That should get me to work and back, and have room for the baby!!
  3. N.S.W Members Rides

    From this, To this, To this! That should get me to work and back, and have room for the baby!!
  4. Rear suspension location ZZE wagon

    Nice work on doing it yourself, I couldn't wait for the weekend so took the easy route and got my tyre guy to put them in. I thought the same about the height when I first saw it, but as you say at least there are no worries about driveways and speed humps. I really like your yellow high beams, how did you do that?
  5. Rear suspension location ZZE wagon

    Hi El Donkey, There is no access hatch to the rear strut, you need to remove all the trim from the Cargo area and the side bolsters for the rear seat. there are 4 bolts/screws to remove and then the trim panels just pop out from the plastic tree clips. The darker plastic trim on the top of the carpeted areas will come off still attached to the carpet. The 2 main nuts for the top of the shock are in the 2 photos attached. Took about 20mins to remove, all you need is a 10mm Socket and a phillips head and a flat head to ease out the clips. I can post some more photos if you need them as i am about to pick up the newly lowered 'rolla
  6. I'm in!

    Well the first of the upgrades have started, Sportivo wheels have helped out in the looks department, and a new stereo with reversing camera have gone in. Next step is to get a bit closer to
  7. I'm in!

    Jan 05 she is. And just had some idiot in a rental car reverse into the bumper 2 days after picking up! FML
  8. I'm in!

    Here she is!! The blank canvas ready for beautification!!
  9. I'm in!

    Hi All, Just about to pick up my stock standard 2005 Corolla Ascent Wagon. Looking forward to many trouble free km's. Quick question, could I put Sportivo leather front and rear seat from a hatch in to this? I can get a pretty good interior from a 2005 Sportivo and was wondering if it has been done before?