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  1. Hi again Folks It looks like I need to replace my '07 Camry Grande's head unit - don't get me wrong, it's awesome and has crystal clear audio during phone calls, which is tremendously important not only for my work, but when speaking to my mum who is (very) hearing impaired. FWIW it's far better than my wife's 2014 Hyundai ix35! BUT ... I need audio streaming for my work and I guess the model predates that capability, so it's time to consider options. Sadly, the amazing $1900 Pioneer unit that I fitted into my '03 Camry went with the car. Bummer. Anyway, I saw that there are aftermarket units that seamlessly fit into the Camry's opening so I wonder if anyone has fitted one of those here and how it performs. Alternatively, does anyone have one of those "FM" jiggers that plugs into the lighter socket and plays through the radio? Possibly that might be a fair alternative. Thoughts? Pics are of the two I have found online. Smaller one has disk capability. And one of the car in case people aren't familiar with the model.
  2. Thanks very much. Sadly it seems the Grande has a unique unit that doesn't allow an auxiliary input. P.I.T.A. but there you have it. I'm going to post again asking about people's experience with fitting one of the aftermarket units designed to fit the Camry. Appreciate the effort!
  3. Just wondering if anyone knows a wreckers in Melbourne that has a LOT of Camry stuff. I hope to find the following ... in black if possible: Sportivo lower rear valance (Aurion has dual pipes) Sportivo side skirts Sportivo front spoiler Camry lower grille (mine's missing) ... preferably NOT honeyocmb but I'll take it if I can't get anything else. Thanks!!!
  4. Hi Folks Just picked up a 2007 Camry Grande to replace my cherished 2003 Sportivo that got rear-ended when parked. I need to add: Bluetooth Streaming as a priority due to needing to listen to audiobooks (for work) via my iphone on my 80 minute trip to work and back each day. I have seen a couple of different units that claim to be a perfect replacement for the existing (which has touch screen based CD stacker, GPS, MP3/WMA capability ... just no BT streaming) Hope to add: Reversing camera if possible. Any help greatly appreciated. now, to dive into past posts to see if I can find any answers ... I did look earlier without success. BTW This is what I ran in my '03 - I custom made the shroud and sprayed it all to match. It worked great but doesn't suit the new chariot, so it has gone. The bluetooth on that thing was incredible.
  5. Good morning folks Name's Steve and as of last night am now the happy owner of a silver 2003 Camry Sportivo - it is a very clean unit with all its bits intact. No it wasn't used for church on Sundays but coming from Kilmore in Country Victoria, our local(ish) dealer is Seymour Toyota and I've known the owner for 10+ years. Graeme is a top bloke and looked after us very well. (I still did my research) Anyway, I won't nag on other than to say that I bought her yesterday and joined the Toyota Club this morning - I know all you blokes won't be online today this being Valentine's Day and all, but I get a free pass .... it's my birthday :) I want to add a GPS/Bluetooth/DVD/Reverse Camera setup to her, in the factory double din position ASAP and would LOVE to b able to add full steering wheel controls but don't know where to begin product-availability-wise so any help on that score would be greatly appreciated. I imagine there will be threads about that on here somewhere. I'd even love to add a sunroof but the cost is brutal, though I did find a factory one for $100 I just reckon I'd risk messing the car up too much getting it fitted. Maybe a used aftermarket one that is designed to go into any car ...? Anyone done that on here? Thanks!