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  1. Ok thanks fellas, that all makes sense now. Yeah it looks like it is a plastic brake caliper cover. First time I looked I could swear it was metallic but turns out it wasn't.
  2. I've recently purchased a used 2009 Aurion GSV40R Touring and it has TRD badging on the engine cover and brembo brakes fitted all round. I've always assumed that this was a factory option although I couldn't find anything on it. Do you guys think the badge is perhaps a fake and the brembo's were fitted aftermarket. Does anyone else have the same?
  3. To be honest, I'm not 100% sure if it is factory or an aftermarket unit. Just wanted the manual to understand what some of the settings do. E.g. in the settings menu there was an option called "mirror", not really sure what it does though?
  4. I've just purchased a pre-owned 2009 Aurion Touring model. My vehicle has got SATNAV and Bluetooth connectivity. There's a bunch of settings for the audio system that I don't quite know what they do. I checked the vehicle manual and also looked online but could not find any sort of user manual. For anyone with the same system, do you know if the vehicle came with a manual? Can I get it from somewhere?