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  1. 1) Nothing unusual. My front dermistor blows up like a hairdryer full blast. I might speak to the service centre on my next visit. Bought my 2013 AT-X from the dealer in March. 2. Not sure about this. Hard to quantify unless personally there to listen to the engine sound.
  2. Te pictures on my ipad are upside down too.
  3. Hi, just curious are you from Singapore? I am, and currently residing in Melbourne. :)
  4. Hi everyone, I just bought a 2013 Aurion (Toyota Certified Premium Used Vehicle). 12,000 km on the odometer Melbourne It was formerly a Toyota company car from the Altona plant, so technically I am the first private owner. I have tried to read the FAQs and searched the threads in this forum, but there are still some queries: - What am I entitled to as a purchaser of a Toyota Certified Premium Used Vehicle. - I was offered the 5-year extended warranty at $1,295 with capped price servicing (factory 3-year warranty runs out in Oct 2016). Is it advisable to purchase this? - I was offered the reverse parking sensors with a one-line alphanumeric display (about 3 cm diagonal length) that can be installed above my rear view mirror, for a price of $500 by the Toyota dealer. Is this a good deal, or I can get a better deal elsewhere? - Tinted windows to regulatory standards ( can't remember what is the SPF factor) but I was told the film blocks out 60% of the visible light and UV rays. Price is $375. Is it worth value for money? - Where can I find a reliable installer for retrofitting aftermarket products like fog lights and front facing cameras and dashcams? Thanks heaps for your advice and my apologies if these questions have been asked before. Please point me to the right direction.
  5. Bought a 2013 Aurion AT-X, collecting the car tomorrow. I found this place through the Whirlpool forums. I live in Melbourne, Victoria. I have some questions which I will post in other sub-forums.