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  1. 2014 Aurion Strut Brace

    Thanks fo the repies. Ive had a look at that bracing on the firewall/strut towers, definitely looks like it adds something to the structural integrity. So i guess it's rear swaybar upgrade and ralliart enkei's for now, and coilovers in ~100,000km when the shocks are shot.
  2. 2014 Aurion Strut Brace

    Ultra Racing says that the 40R strut brace wont fit my 50R, which is a shame. I had a whiteline strut brace and rear sway bar on my TJ Magna which made her compliant as hell on 17" ralliart enkei's. If the general concensus is that 50R's dont need strut bracing then I'll run with that, but if an ali brace will assist what is there then im also for it. I was already going for the rear sway bar because the back end is a bit too sloppy for me. As for suspension, when the need arises in about 100,000km im thinking of coilovers so i can dial in the handling/height. and im thinking 17" genuine toyota rims, or perhaps the enkei's in the shed.
  3. 2014 Aurion Strut Brace

    Thanks for the reply. Did you notice any improvement in handling?
  4. Couple of questions i need clarifiying before i splurge out on a brace for my 2014 Aurion: What strut braces are available for these cars? Are aluminium braces really as bad as the steel brace manufacturers make them out to be? If you've fitted a brace does it foul anywhere or did it need customising? Thanks