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  1. It is definitely the HV battery . One ore more cells are gone. It is not worth to learn how to do it as it only comes up every few years. Normally there is no warranty on batteries you install your self as many things can go wrong. There are shops in Sydney and Melbourne who do an exchange with reconditioned batteries and give a warranty. In Tasmania , it may be best to use Toyota
  2. Hi It is not a problem at al really My 2005 Prius makes a single noise and the keeps blinking. Our Prius C never done it again after Toyota fixed it. I just rented a Yaris Hybrid in Italy ( Prius C here ) for an extended time and it never had a problem. By the way , our Prius C in Australia has much better graphics and feedback to the driver than the European model.
  3. I use E10 -95 from 7-11 and E10 -94 from Speedway . E 10 from United is also good. Do not use Wollies because I shop at the German Supermarket. Get 3.7 L/100 over a full tank on my PriusC and just a shade under 4L/100 on my old Prius. Had the HV Battery on the old Prius serviced. Made a big difference
  4. I use E10 on both my 2005 Prius I-tech and new Prius C. ( and all my Hondas ever since E10 was available ) I get the best milage out of both and do not even think about the scare mongers around. Saved thousand of dollars over the years.
  5. There is a company in Sydney which does the HV batteries. called " Prius Battery Exchange Australia"
  6. I know exactly when the 12 volt battery fails. It took my Prius I-TECH 9 years and 9 month to come to a full stop ( did not start) Car had 240 000 km on the clock. The 12 volt normally goes before the HV battery. Battery is not too easy to get. NRMA Batteries does not carry them in the vans. Jump starting is possiple to get home . It is done from the front and not at all on the 12 volt battey in the back
  7. Hi My Wife has brand new PriusC and the petrol gauge went down to the last bar and no further action. On Petrol consumption calulation I knew it must be almost emty. Filled up and it took 34.8 Litre. On the first service Toyota looked into it , reprogrammed something with Labtops and now when it is down to the last bar it makes a noice ( once only) and the last bar is blinking constantly. This is the way it should be and it is now perfect.

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