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  1. MrRumion

    Rukus to Rumion Conversion

    Hey Chris! Cheers for that man! I didn't know it was such a big job, I remember reading a post of someone's xb to Rumion rear conversion and that seems a tad easier than the front. Easier to import a Rumion? Haha Have a good day! -M
  2. MrRumion

    Rukus to Rumion Conversion

    Hello Rukus amiigos :) I'm very close to purchasing a Toyota Rukus but I have a question if that's ok~ I really like the Front and Rear of the Toyota Rumion and have a body kit from Japan I want to import to add to it- has anyone succesfully converted their Rukus front and rear to a Rumions? Any stories or advice on it would be great! Excited to join the club :) -M