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  1. Hi yes all genuine parts. The problem existed prior to doing changes that’s why I had the repairs done trying to solve the problem
  2. Hi all my 2010 Hilux has a lag problem at very low revs. I’ve spent $7000 on it with a new turbo and actuator , new injectors and full kit , new mass switch also no code is coming up but it’s using a lot more fuel and blows smoke as it’s struggling at low revs. If I push the accelerator a little harder and take it passed the low point the car runs perfectly. I’ve driven it 1200 Klms a couple of months ago and it drove perfectly on the long run but at low revs it struggled. Does anyone have any ideas or had the same problem. Thanks
  3. No it only locks with the key in the lock. It will lock pushing the lock on the door with my finger but that's it.
  4. Hi, thanks for the responses. The other 3 doors lock and unlock from inside and from outside the vehicle. The drivers door only locks with the key.
  5. hi all my drivers side door doesn't lock with the remote but does with the key. Can someone please tell me what the problem could be?