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  1. auto fluid change

    have a 2015 camry how often to change transmission fluid time/klms thanks warren
  2. cleaning windscreen

    hello have tried various products to clean my windscreen could be better any recommendations thanks warren
  3. transmission 2015 camry

    in relation to camry auto transmission any suggestions on klm/time frame why toyota not include dip stick fpr auto transmission thanks warren
  4. additives oil

    hello what are your opinions of oil aditives for 2015 2.5 camry thanks warren
  5. additives oil

    have camry 2015 2.5 pros/cons ading moly bond oil additive thanks warren
  6. headlights globes

    hello have a 2015 camry would changing the hi-beam globe to a philips one give a better h/beam on the road at night thanks warren
  7. 2015 2.5 camry transmission

    thanks warren
  8. 2015 2.5 camry transmission

    when using my camry around town my neighbour tells me to leave it in number 4 because transmission is not trying to go into top i myself leave it in d also in number4 the eco light rarely goes on however in d it is on 98% of the time thanks warren
  9. warren cameron

    hello have just bought a 2015 camry demo 2.5 my other car is a original eh manual preimer come from adelaide nice to have a car with power steering/airconditionig decent radio the holden one stopped working a few years back dont think i will be-driving camry when it is fifty two years old warren
  10. temp guage

    my mistake it is a 94 camry warren
  11. temp guage

    temp gauge needle moves to right on 97 camry replaced thermostat still moves to high when i turn ignition on . Told it could be needle any help appreciated warren