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  1. I guess I will be. It’s easy when you know what’s going on not to have a worry. Still if errors pop up then they should be addressed especially under warranty. After all I want my baby to be perfect. A member on another forum had every nut and bolt re-chromed for a rebuild. I wonder if that’s over kill. Guess it’s not to him. He has an awesome pictorial of every nut, bolt and part his worked on. Like I first said I didn't know if they were minor or major? I am not a mechanic, maybe overly worried about stuff I don't understand. I am starting to grasp what "CEL" is thanks to your guys. Yes I am a fanatic about my 86 GTS. I am sure I am not the only owner here who is equally over protective about their car. Honestly don't see why some dealerships don't do an ECU as standard practice. Unless any issue found by an ECU test is NOT anything to worry about? Your right "time is money for the service department", I don't get why new cars needs to be serviced every 9 months instead of 12. It’s just money making for the dealerships as the service is in my opinion overly priced for what they do. Like seriously do new cars really need that much attention in the first 3 years during warranty? Especially as I am not likely to drive it all that much. If you drive a lot and run up the kilometres then fine. 12 moths or 20 kilometres is fair. Whichever comes first? But I don’t have a clue what it cost the dealerships to keep their doors opened and employ people. That’s my 2 cents, thanks for your response btw.
  2. Hi Like to get rid of the standard rims on my 86 GTS. I am thinking of going 18" rims. Would really like to see pics of your car with suggested rims on here. My 86 is black, so I am thinking of a rim that is bright aluminum in colour. Don't want a black rim. But I am open to suggestions. if possible add the cost of your rim. My pics can be found here Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks for the reply. I didn't know whats minor or major? Not sure if everybody knows or don't, Can't help to feel its poor attention to detail by the Toyota Service Department while the car is under warranty. I guess the majority of members here already know, but if a few don't I hope my post helps. I love my car and knowing its in perfect nic is all I want. Not being a mechanic myself, I have to trust others. Maybe its time pressure is placed on the car companies to make a ECU check part of the service. Its not a big ask after spending a lot $$ to buy my 86 GTS.. But thats just me. :) I want to drive it, not really into wanting to fix stuff. Thanks for the heads up on DIY check up info.
  4. After looking for a pristine condition 86 GTS over the last 12 weeks, I finally found one in Queensland. Had it shipped down to NSW. I will be removing the tail and adding one thats not so big. Personal choice. So it will be for sale LOL Looked at a quite a few before finally finding a 86 GTS with no issues. :) I thought a Toyota dealership would be a good place to go, wrong.. They tried to sell me one that was thrashed and had been in an accident of some sort. The 100 point check is not worth the paper its printed on.. The saleman promised me the car was mint, he confessed not to even have seen it persoanally. what a wates of my time and energy. Anyhow I am now a 86 GTS owner :) Cheers...
  5. Toyota do NOT check any cars ECU during its mandatory 9 month service. Faults that can be found with a simple ECU test are missed. Toyota did NOT respond to an email asking about their policy on WHY they did NOT include an ECU scan of cars during a service. One employee stated the only time they do an ECU scan is when the engine light comes on. I am guessing YOUR car warranty would have well expired by then. A very nice way to ensure there service department profits from a very poor policy at your expense. After inspecting 4 cars, 3 had a number of faults found during the ECU scan. The faults I found were - ABS-VSC-TRC(CAN), Main Body?, U1 201 / C1 294 / C1 249 refer to vehicle service manual, Engine and ECT, Startability malfunction, Malfunction in Yaw Sensor, Air Conditioner, Air Purifier Open Circuit. The last car came back ECU fault free. I don't know if the above are major faults, only that three owners where NOT happy learning that the faults were there and NOT sorted at time of Service. After all isn't a service supposed to give you piece of mind that the vehicles are in good condition. Why have a load of sensors in your vehicle at all? Toyota are unable to provide a print out of an ECU scan because they do NOT have a printer connected to their test equipment? All you get if you ask for a test is there word your car is fine? Car accidents also VOIDS some warranties at Toyota discretion. Weather its Toyota or any other car company, demand an ECU test during your warranty service. I know of at least one other major brand who actually provide a print out of an ECU test as part of their service plan. Feel free to tell others of what I feel is very poor service to its loyal customers.