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  2. Yes an unusual situation. I torqued the bolts to spec, it was probably my fault, I refurbished the brakes about 2 years ago. The drivers side calipers, it's not easy getting a torque wrench in there to fit, I may have only hand tightened the bolts with a spanner. The car now is so quiet amazing its got all new whiteline suspension bushings and new springs and struts, drives like new car with a great engine (2zz - ge) How I thought there was nothing wrong is amazing to me now. The difference between a mechanic with experience working on many different cars and situations, and a DIYer who l
  3. I finally fixed a frustrating issue with my 2003 Corolla Sportivo. After looking at all the suspension components including the replacing of lower control arm, sway-bar, and S/B link bushings and checking nuts and bolts for tightness and rebuilding the struts I was able to trouble shoot a ongoing noise issue I could not resolve. When going over cement or choppy road surfaces there would be a noise from the right front of the car. Something loose, for a while I convinced myself it was the tyres making the sound. The car had no steering vibration or brake vibration. On asphalt no
  4. Im glad you found something no heel pad though which I like.
  5. You can get new from Japan Yahoo auctions, won't say sportivo. y

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