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  1. Which ones were they? I'd love to install some too. Thought they would need a bit of fiddling around but if they're affordable enough it'd be something I'd consider.
  2. I can't afford 3M. It sounds great but not within my budget. Although this site suggests that Carbon CXP (which D&S quoted me for $300), is a Ceramic film like 3M Crystalline. Any experiences with Carbon vs Ceramic and pro's/ con's of both?
  3. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone can give me some tips on deciding on what tint to get for my 2012 Corolla Ascent? Has anyone in SA had any good experiences with a particular company? I've had a few quotes from ProTint, D&S Tint and D&S Auto, Tint-A-Car etc. At this stage I'm leaning towards D&S Tint's quote of $250 for a 35% Carbon Tint. I know there are a few different tints available too (Carbon, Ceramic etc) and am wondering what you guys recommend? D&S Auto also offer a tint called CXP tint which apparently blocks out 20% more heat and their quote for that was $300. At this stage I'd like to go with the more affordable option but would love to hear your experiences with tinting and what to look out for. Thanks in advance! Nat.
  4. I'd love to fit some DLR's onto my 2012 ZRE182 Ascent too! The black plastic just looks so bare and boring. Any news on what's good and affordable?
  5. I recently purchased my first care, a Dec 2012 Toyota Corolla Ascent ZRE182. I'm wondering what sort of head-units people are installing in these models. Is it worth getting the genuine Toyota one (quite pricey), or will a Eonon like this one:, or some other Android unit be just as good? I'd love to have a reverse camera installed with it eventually too, but at this stage I'd like to have some opinions on what works well in these models. Since I just bought the car out-right, something affordable would be great!
  6. Turns out I just had some issues with my browser. It was strange that Photobucket wasn't cooperating. I've used it many times without issues. Here's it is!
  7. Hi everyone! I'm a newbie from Adelaide. Yesterday I purchased my FIRST car, a used Dec 2012 (almost 2013) Toyota Corolla Ascent, ZRE182R. Although I would have preferred the model above, the price was unbeatable for this one so I couldn't turn it down! I was quite impressed by the build quality of the Corolla, making it a stand-out in my search for a reliable, yet aesthetically pleasing first-car. My boyfriend is a VW nut, owning a Mk5 and Mk1 Golf, and loves to play around with mods. Hopefully my car might eventually stand out from the crowd a little. After spending practically ALL my savings on this car (no loan, yay!), I'm quite broke, so mods will probably only commence in a few months time when I have saved up something to live off first! I'll be interested to see what some of you have done to this model. Thanks, Natalie. PS: Wanted to upload a pic, but even resized, they won't seem to work...