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  1. I won't discourage you from replacing the head unit. If this suits you then by all means go for it. I understand what you mean with the phone holder, which is why I have mine mounted to the right lower corner on the windscreen. Your view is unobstructed, and always in your periphery so you don't really need to look across and down like you would with the head unit. Your eyesight is always up as if you glance at your gauge cluster. I've never had an issue and will continue to use Google Maps. The latest incarnation of google maps always gives you the fastest routes and with live traffic updates
  2. I totally agree. Once you start fiddling with too many things, you can induce more issues going forward. Sometimes the long way around is better and the challenge is more fun I reckon.
  3. Tony Prodigy


    Short answer, I would say yes, but you have to consider offset and clearance for lock to lock turning. The wider you go, it may rub the inners when steering full lock. Toyota design their wheel tyre combos for a reason and deviating from this can cause issues. It may be possible to go one up in size but Kluger wheel/tyre assemblies are quite hefty being 245/65/R17 and so not sure if this will work. Something to keep in mind. Hopefully someone here who has attempted this here can chime in, but that's my 2 cents worth.
  4. The idea of having to pay for map updates is ludicrous to begin with. I think any car that has a factory fitted GPS should get free map updates for the life of the vehicle. The time for gouging the customer should've ended a long time ago, which is why I'm not even remotely interested in factory GPS head units. Google maps is superior to anything I've seen or used and will continue using this free service. I don't get why people feel the need to upgrade their head units other than to upgrade the stereo quality and connectivity. The rest of it seems like one big extra distraction for road
  5. That's good value. So is the discount coupon on top of the already discounted price then ? So it will be $53.10 for the jack ? I wish they could could a proper deal on the 3T variant or even an aluminium jack. I don't need another back breaker of a jack.
  6. Is it made of Gold ?? I cannot see why it would cost that much. I would put money on it that some wreckers throw these out and never bother to remove them so I'd check with a local wrecker and see how much you can get it for. It shouldn't be too difficult to figure out how to install it if you the inclination to do it yourself.
  7. I have read that the electronic brake system may have something to do with this. Apparently, the brake light circuit is wired into the skid control ECU, and If you have a wiring fault in the trailer or the trailer plug, it might be feeding back into the ECU. Try taking the trailer for a run on a quite road with the plug out, if you don't get the issue then the problem is going to be in the trailer wiring.
  8. As far as I know, it should be a plug and play affair for these.
  9. I'd try the controls first and see if this fixes it before shelling out more money for something you may not need. Or if you're like me, I'd buy the amplifier too and keep it as a spare if you plan to keep the car a long time. I have a small hoard of spare parts for my 50 series already and I keep adding to the pile as I go. Doesn't hurt to have spare parts on hand when you need them in a hurry.
  10. It's coming along really nice mate. I remember these Celicas when they came out. They looked very cool back then and still do. Nice work man.
  11. Definitely option B here. My thoughts immediately went to installing a piece of rope or strap that you could grab onto and be able to yank the lid down. Do it safely of course.
  12. My Heart tells me to go for the newer, lower kay vehicle. But it's catch 22 with these two. The AWD will have slightly better resale value, but it's got higher kays and has the tow bar and racks. 220 kays is getting up there though. The 2WD model has lower kays, but no tow bar or roof racks and is more expensive. Obviously because it is newer and having lower kays. Both one owner with service history. Question is, which was serviced better ? Were they serviced according to Toyota's stupid 15k service interval ? This will also dictate engine condition. The oil should be changed n
  13. Ah the joys of modern tech. Hi John and welcome to the forum. It's possible it was just a glitch, but it could also be a compatibility issue with your phone's O.S. Have you tried downloading the app again ? You should also try it on another phone. Your phone software may need an update.
  14. I love how Scotty, or Americans in general say that the Toyota Corolla is actually a Matrix. It's a Matrix because it was renamed specifically for the U.S. Market with a few changes to suit them. It is, and always has been a Toyota Corolla. It began life as a Corolla in 1966 and will continue to be a Corolla till the end of days. As much as I love Scotty, he is also very well known for his click bait titles. He unashamedly admitted this too in one of his videos. Ash, you mention water/flood damaged cars. Which car was it ? Some flood damaged cars could be ok if the water doesn't go u
  15. That's a good idea Ash. Looks like the persistence is starting to pay off. Only thing is now, what are we going to call "sludgy" now that it's nearly sludge free ?? Might have to take a poll on that one 😄
  16. Hi Julie and welcome to the forum. My sympathies go out to you for the shoddy dealer service you've experienced. Although I never use them, I know there are good dealers out there who do appreciate their customers and then there are those Lackeys that you got. Looks like they don't want your business. I'd be putting a rocket up the management and be ready to name and shame them so others are forewarned. This is the exact reason why dealerships get a bad name and this notion that if you take your car to the dealer, your car gets serviced correctly and are advised in the same manner can be
  17. Fuel quality is difficult to determine, but you'd like to think it's ok. Maybe it's time for a major service if it has little to no history. 276k is up there and a fuel filter should’ve been done already. If you know a good mechanic, let him have a look over it. A fuel pressure test can determine the condition of the pump/filter. Your fuel injectors could be suspect but I'd look at the delivery side first.
  18. Nothing wrong with 91 for the 2GR-FE. If you want to use 95, it's up to you but using 91 doesn't cause any ongoing issues. It's possible your fuel filter may be due. It's an in tank fuel filter. How many kays has she done ?? The question can also be asked about the quality of fuel used over it's lifetime. Sometimes you can fill up your tank when the servo's underground tanks are low and you end up with cruddy fuel and this will sit in your tank and be picked up when you drive with low fuel. That long start you're experiencing could be a slight drop in fuel pressure caused by a dirty fuel fi
  19. I agree. Give it a thorough degrease and check it daily to see where it's coming from. My thoughts are it's not power steering but engine related because the colour of the oil. I've never seen power steering fluid turn golden brown. It looks suspiciously like engine oil seepage.
  20. Hi Alex and welcome to the forum. You made a wise choice to buy a Camry. It will be far superior to any VW you've owned for sure. I've had no experience with Hybrids but have owned many Toyotas over the years and have found them to be fine vehicles. The build quality is outstanding and the levels of refinement given to the Camry over recent years, Aurion included, has put them closer to the Lexus. Mods are good too, and wheels upgrade would a great place to start. If I purchased my Aurion new, that's what I would've done. Nice to preserve the original wheels as new for the later yea
  21. Hi Alex, The main purpose of those "parking sensors" are primarily for a parking situation. The proximity of the sensor is such that it is designed to monitor your distance from any object to the left or right sides of the vehicle. Frontal situations are not included unfortunately. If you look at where the sensors are located they are basically trained at the corners only and will only detect objects in the specific region. If it had 4 parking sensors, two corner, two front, then this would of course do what you're asking about. Not sure why Toyota do this either. Perhaps ask them on t
  22. Yeah, I know ! I got smoked by a Prius one time in my Hilux dual cab. That was embarrassing 🤪

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