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  1. Hey Chippps. Using RTV sealant on a worn gasket is only a temporary solution. There is more than one item that has the potential to leak on the rocker cover. There is obviously the main gasket for the cover's perimeter, but there is also the plug seals and bolt seals. This comes in a kit and It's better to just remove and replace all the tired old rubber seals and replace them with fresh new ones. No RTV is needed. Tighten to the correct torque so you don't crush the gaskets and you'll have a leak free top end. This is a reference for what you'd need for this https://www.onlineautopa
  2. No worries. Did you have to remove the glove box lid or did you have to reach right under there ? Can you upload a few photos so others may find this thread helpful.
  3. After doing some more checking, it seems it may in fact be on the passenger side. I don't know why there is so much misinformation on the net but I was able to download a copy of your user manual for the Australian cars and the image shows it to be on the passenger side. PG 270. I do recall my 10 series fuse box being on the driver's side and didn't think this would change all that much to the next model. It was a little flap you opened and there they were. I think they used a universal wiring loom for all Ravs after the 10 series because it's on the left side regardless of where th
  4. That is a little surprising to hear, but I guess it's always possible for issues to occur with so much tech crammed into these cars nowadays. Not what you'd expect from an expensive car though. I guess they may still have some teething problems. I'd be curious to hear what the issue was. Maybe there was moisture ingress into a plug somewhere ?? Give it few days to dry and I bet it will all work ok.
  5. Hi Matt, If it's a left hand drive car, the fuse box will almost certainly be on that side and vice versa for right drive. I used to own a 10 series Rav many years ago and it's interior fuse box was on the right side. It's a standard thing they tend to do.
  6. I wonder how much just the motor would cost new from Toyota. Surely not 3k as mentioned. I would've thought this would include labour and potentially some programming. Even so I cannot see how they could justify that amount. It's just an actuator motor.
  7. A traditional bulb tester can't be used for sensor testing as the bulb only tests continuity in an electrical circuit. To test a sensor you'll need a multimeter and some back probes to be able to access the tiny pins in the sockets. You'll be measuring voltage output and resistance of the sensor and then compare your values to the manufacturer specifications. This will then determine if its good or bad. Have a read of this. It may help. https://mzwmotor.com/faulty-automotive-sensor-testing/
  8. I totally agree. How hard can it be ?
  9. 3K for a tailgate motor job is absolutely ludicrous. They fill these cars with all this junk and expect us to cough up an absurd amount when it fails prematurely ? Tell 'em they're dreamin'
  10. Even if he doesn't get off the ship himself ?? Why would they quarantine a cargo ship, are they crazy ? Unload the ship and then they can P.O.Q. Simple.
  11. Excellent videos Ash. I am a huge fan of recycling. The E-waste coming off of all the battery powered devices should prompt the responsible handling of these valuable resources to be able to take the burden off mining as such. Mining will and have to exist obviously, but we should not be reckless about it either. We've had too much risky behaviour from the Nuclear sector in the past and we really cannot afford to add another one to the mix. I'm sure they'll come up with improved solutions as we go forward and it will be exciting to see how they will handle the ever growing demand for lith
  12. It's funny how far behind we are in terms of tech, but I think the gap is closing now. Back then it was shocking. I believe your Corolla and other Toyota variants of that era do have what looks like an OBD port but it's not OBD II compliant. I think it's a proprietary Toyota system and Toyota have the machines for these if I'm correct. It wasn't until 2006 when it was mandated across the board. Why did it take so long though ? The U.S had OBD II protocol in place in the mid 90s ! So I have no idea how you guys can read your codes unless you take it to the stealership. We had a similar que
  13. I'm wondering if the head gasket could be going bad. A compression test can confirm this. Also these below. Bad head gasket symptoms White smoke coming from the tailpipe. BUBBLING IN THE RADIATOR AND COOLANT RESERVOIR. unexplained coolant loss with no leaks. Milky white coloration in the oil. Engine overheating
  14. Ok. Thanks for clearing that up. I did think that there was a possibility of it being a full mechanical, but then got thinking it's a 2000 model and electronics had been creeping in at this point and figured it could have an electrical plug from which the signal is delivered to the speedo via the mechanical/speed sensor device. I don't have a Corolla as such but most other models are pretty similar in nature. So were you able to see why the cable popped out ? You think someone's been fiddling back there ? I wonder if someone had tried to wind the kays back and fumbled their way through it an
  15. Strange one Marco. I had a little time to dig into this a bit further and I don't believe the cable runs to the cluster mechanically. There is a speed sensor at the trans which converts the rotation into an electrical signal and then via the electrical plug that cable/wiring goes to a socket in to the back of the dash cluster. If yours has the mechanical/ speed sensor arrangement, it is possible the plastic drive gear may have broken inside the trans and has lodged itself somewhere. Watch this video and see if it compares to what you have. To remove the speed sensor is pretty easy. J
  16. You're welcome Shazzy. I hope you have better luck getting it sorted. Let us know how you go. Cheers
  17. I came across this video and it really opens your mind to the complexities and the perpetuation of a new kind of pollution. While the climate alarmists sound the siren on C02, they forget how dirty the process of mining and refining lithium is. Why aren't they crying about this too ? The statement being made is "How Green is you Electric Car" ? When they want to base the future on Lithium batteries, watch the video and see what you think. Me personally, I think Hydrogen would be the way to go as an alternative to fossil fuel because I can see us paying a heavy price for the pollution to c
  18. Hi Marco, Was the ticking noise from the dash cluster or from outside the car, presumably the transmission ? Sounds like you have a cable driven mechanical speedo and it's possible the gears may have stripped and deposited themselves somewhere inside the transmission. That is, if the ticking sound was at the trans. If you are able to locate the speedo cable to where it attaches to the gearbox, there should be a 10mm bolt holding the clamp for it. Undo it and try and pull the cable out to inspect the gear wheel. If it's missing a few teeth, then that would be the speedo issue. Not su
  19. Glad to here it arrived. I suspect it has a steel deck and not aluminium. My Honda has a steel deck and it too is a bit hefty being 21", which is why it has the hydro transmission to do the heavy work for me. I cannot imagine trying to push it around without it. This is the part I love and look forward too. There's something strangely satisfying in lavishing some attention in the order of preservation. It's like an invisible barrier or force field. It will getting dirty and dusty, but the clean up will be a lot easier for sure as the dirt will not stick. Allow the machine to cool, soak
  20. Ahh, you're too kind Robert. Thanks for your kind words too. I felt really bad letting it get to that stage and so it was necessary to spend the time to bring it back to a certain level. I can rest a bit easy now ūüėČ It's far from perfect but it's as good as it gets despite no paint correction as such. The next major detail will involve a 3 stage polish and a dedicated ceramic coating. There's really no point to apply a ceramic coating on paint that hasn't been polished to perfection. This will further enhance gloss levels. The main objective here was to remove all the stuck on contami
  21. Check that all pins in the connectors are making contact. After market parts tend to be a little wonky in the QA dept.
  22. Hi Sharon and welcome to the forum. It's hard to say definitively what is going on but it's weird how the two front doors failed at the same time. Just wondering what test the auto electrician carried out to make the determination he did. Did he explain it to you ? Is it possible that there is some loose wiring perhaps in the main harness to the doors. Has any collision repair been done recently ? If you are able to get a second opinion, this may be of some value to you. Some shops are unashamedly over quoting to claw back money lost during covid and it's possible it may not be
  23. Line 'em up lol.. I have since updated the post as the original post didn't work so well with the picture links. Sorry for any difficulties. It's all sorted now. Prep is 90% of the job really. You really need it to be squeaky clean before applying any sealants. This way the product will work better and last longer. Thanks for your post.
  24. ***My apologies for the original upload as the pictures didn't display the way I liked, so I've gone back in and redone the whole post. This should be much better guys. Howdy Gents. I had an appalling realization that I had not washed or cleaned the Aurion for like 6 months or so as my wife so kindly informed me. Wow ! Where does the time go ?? Admittedly, the car did look sad, even though it is mechanically sound, I had to make things right and make it happy again. So the plan was to spend the whole weekend and carry out the mother of all detailing. Mind you, this was only to b

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