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  1. Nah, it's actually Habibi's famous line from Fat Pizza.
  2. Hahaha, that is hillarious. A simple switch would've been so much simpler. Imagine someone watching you do this. They'd think you could have some kind of mental condition 😄
  3. Haha, I watched that very video just this morning then I see it posted here. Interesting changes to the FKS but I'm not a fan of plastic, especially where there is heat generated. Is it a case of monkey see, monkey do ? Who knows, and why someone thinks plastic is better for cooling systems is beyond me. More maintenance parts needed in a time when they really shouldn't be. Will using aluminium cripple a company ? I tend to think not. I'm happy to stick with my 2GR-FE thanks very much.
  4. It's going to be really interesting to see how the American public and the world in general will react to the importation of Chinese EV cars after what the CCP have done crippling world economies with their Covid virus. There may be political and economic backlash as you mentioned Ash. I'm starting to think that the electric viking also has a vested interest in EVs as he is dead set on the annihilation of ICE vehicles.
  5. Great result Paul. Nice DIY work and thanks for updating us.
  6. You need to have the codes scanned as the warning lights don't really tell you much. There could be a multitude of issues going on or just one. Scanners are pretty cheap these days if you don't already have one, I'd highly recommend it.
  7. All Toyota parts are pretty stupid expensive. I have made a few enquires through Toyota recently for parts seldom seen on ebay and they will leave you with a face like this
  8. Haha yeah. I just checked again and I think you're right. Good catch !!
  9. Chances are you most likely won't find a decent set mainly due to the age of the car now and limited units sold I guess. If you are planning to keep the car long term, I'd invest in brand new genuine lights. I was able to purchase a brand new Genuine set for my Aurion ( I never mentioned it here yet) but I did try looking for a long while for a decent pair, but all the ones I came across were crap. At the moment I am getting away with periodic polishing, but there will come a time when they will become too funky and I will swap them out.
  10. Hahaha, here's another one from the Genius gene pool
  11. Have you tried to polish them ? If you have access to a machine polisher you could buff them back up to like new condition Tommy.
  12. Haha nice Sounds crispy and clean. I hate drone exhaust. Just on a side note while we're on the subject of exhaust notes, check out the exhaust note from an E46 M3. Oooh yeah !! They have a signature raspy sound.
  13. I cannot imagine the front end takes a hit from a kangaroo and nothing gets bent. The metal isn't as strong as you think. If the headlight broke then I'd be pretty sure something is slightly off kilter with the metal work even if it doesn't appear that way. You may need to remove the headlight on the good side and just compare things.
  14. I believe this is normal. If the outside temperature falls close to zero, then dehumidification will not operate. Once the engine starts and warms up a little then normal function will resume. Just as you have described. The movement of the air selector during this is probably the system resetting itself. If the A/C system functions normally after this initial start up, then I wouldn't worry. I am guessing this issue has only popped up now as we are in Winter.and that makes sense. I don't think it will be an issue during the warmer months.
  15. Yeah, I noticed that too. There'd be at least 200 ml of oil left if it's done horizontally. Not sure which way the plug faces front, back or side, but you would have to tilt in favour of the drain point to try and get as much out, or you can just flush it out with fresh oil.
  16. Most definitely not. Modern VVTI engines are dependant on good oil pressure so the small passages need to be as clean as possible.
  17. Man those guys are like robots going in there. I just don't like the way they throw the parts on the floor. Guaranteed scratches and grazes on all the visible sides. This is why i hate others working on my car. Why are they changing the dash pad anyway ? It looks fine to me.
  18. Wow, that was pretty sludgy. Nice clean up job. Now that you have the pick up and sump cleaned out you can look forward to the desludging process by using a flush agent with several oil changes to help clean it up even further. There are plenty of good engine flush treatments to choose from. Penrite and liqui moly come to mind.
  19. Is it possible you may have also bent the front support ? Did you check the metal work around where the headlight mounts too ?
  20. You should make more and sell them on Ebay mate. I reckon you'll sell plenty.
  21. NIce !. I'm glad you chose to paint those bits. They look amazing. Good call on the roof too. If and when you decide to pull the vinyl off, at least you will still have the factory finish there. I think the car looks perfect. Time to enjoy it now
  22. Congratulations on the new car. I am genuinely happy for you. I love the new accents and I must say the fender flares and lower bumper sections look much better than stock. Are these also wrapped or were they painted ? I totally agree ! 😜
  23. I would've assumed they'd be correctly adjusted from factory being a Genuine item. I can understand the aim being off for an aftermarket light. Hmm.. How bad is it ? I totally understand your frustration, because there is bugger all youtube content for the Aurion being specific only to our Market and so trying to search out certain things always leads to a dead end. I am sure you can adjust them but which screws I couldn't say as I'm not familiar with 40 series headlights. If you can post up some some photos of the back of the light that may trigger some thoughts. Take a close look at the plastic casing on the back and see if there is any print cast in the plastic that points to what is what. This could narrow things down a bit. I took some photos and made a short video one early morning when we had a real pea souper fog recently and I was genuinely surprised at how headlights are adjusted from factory. The pics are for my current model Colorado, and I assume all cars are adjusted in this same way as per the Australian standard. If you look at the drivers beam, it is more of a concentrated beam pointed towards the left, intersecting with the left beam and slightly upward. The left beam is pointed relatively straight and little down. This is so you don't blind oncoming drivers.

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