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  1. Thanks so much for your feed back guys. Yes LordBug, I'm very impressed with the way my Michelins have worn and the Primacy 3 STs that Auri 7 has fitted sound like a good replacement for them. I've noticed my local BobJane store often has 4 for 3 offers going, so will keep an eye out for that pattern Michelin. Thanks again for your replies, it's always good to know what product suits our particular cars and your opinions are always helpful.
  2. Hi Guys, looking at getting a set of new tyres for the Sportivo soon. Have had a fantastic run out of the standard Michelin MX-V8 Energy tyres, 71,000 km and still 3-4mm left ! Been thinking Continental ContiMaxContact MC5 , Pirelli P7 or Michelin Primacy LC in the standard 215/55/R17" size. Any thoughts on these brands in regard to wear and grip compared to my long lasting Michies?
  3. My 2010 SX6 Sportivo has only just clocked over 67,500km. Still running around on the original Michelins that have 4-5mm tread left! Yes Alex, a Sportivo would seem to drive worse than a Touring around the 'burbs', but you can put up with that jiggly ride when it handles so well on the highway twisty bits. Horses for courses I guess, and as you said, we need to get out and drive our cars.
  4. From the album: Aurion Sportivo SX6 - MY2010

    Sunny day in NW Tassie with SX6.
  5. Just finished my Tassie long weekend off with a blast through the twisty corners on the Targa Tasmania route through Hellyer Gorge. Never really had the chance before today to push the SX6 though some twisty stuff, (and to be honest), wasn't expecting that much after reading those comparisons with SV6/XR6 RWDs. Well I was really surprised how well the Sportivo performed! Sure I was only pushing 7-tenths at legal speeds but it was so much fun for a stock car on its original Michelins. The V6 grunt really shines holding gears pulling hard out of corners, even left in DRIVE the performance of Aut
  6. Hi David, welcome along to the forum! Great detailed review of your Touring 2010 model, a very interesting read. You must post up some photos so we can see your Aurion with its new wheels. I must admit that the Touring models, at first glance, look so much like the Sportivo's that fitting those alloys will confuse the issue even more,( and I drive a Sportivo!) Mine has just clocked over 65,500km and is a 2010 model so I found your comments quite relevant. Keep up the great reviews mate.
  7. Fantastically detailed long term review Lincoln ! Great to read this after just buying my Aurion, so glad I made a good choice. Keep going with the updates and hopefully avoid any more wildlife strikes with the girlfriend behind the wheel.
  8. Finally have my Aurion ! Picked it up late this arvo and the repaired wheels look like brand new. Only 63K on the clock so hopefully will get many years of trouble free motoring from it. So looking forward to going for a long drive on some twisty Tassie roads, (without becoming part of the scenery of course!)
  9. Thanks for that but will stick with this dodgy one until I can take some of my own. By the way Scott great photos in your gallery!
  10. So sorry Scott !!! Had a random collection of Sportivo pics off google, (mostly from CARSALES.COM), and as I haven't taken photos of my Aurion yet, felt the need to use 'a good one' for my profile pic. As fate would have it I chose that one,(should have known it was too good a photo from a car yard). Once again so sorry to use your photo mate, will replace it with something else that hopefully doesn't belong to someone on the forum! Still haven't been able to pick up my car because the dealer is getting some scuff marks repaired on several wheels and we decided to leave it with them until the
  11. Hi guys, just bought a 2010 AURION Sportivo SX6 this morning so I thought I might involve myself with some TOYOTA enthusiasts to get a feel for it. Been a strong Mitsubishi man for many years but when my trusty Magna shed its' transmission, we needed a similar sized replacement and this silver Sportivo fitted the bill. Don't pick it up till Monday arvo,( can you believe they wouldn't let me take it home after paying a whole $200 deposit?), so I'm champing at the bit to get behind that little leather wheel again! Looking forward to long term relationship with my new AURION so any tips and hints

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