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  1. Thanks Guys, I went to a Toyota parts and service today and ask for the pricing. $977 for new pump by itself, pulley $62. They were nice enough to give me a blown up picture of the parts. I order the shaft for $31 (2-3 weeks deliver from japan though) Gonna have a go at rebuilding it. -pulley $62 -Nut $2 -Shaft $31 -Power Steering Fluid probably at best $50 Total Cost $145 Arghh we see what happen, maybe I have to buy all the seals. Been driving around, shoulder is killing me hahaha. Thanks for your help guys. manxman its a V belt, probably that's why it didn't have any damage thicker than the other belts Cheers Bill
  2. Hi Guys, I'm new here and with Hilux so bare with me. My truck is a Hilux 2000, LN146R, 3.0L Diesel, 5L, D4 Recently bought it and was driving around when the truck made a weird noise and the steering became stiff, open the bonnet and found the pulley on the power steering pump and belt has come OFF (lucky it did not caught onto the radiator fan). The teeths inside the pulley is shredded to the point it is nearly bold. The shaft from the power steering pump has its thread completely grinded down, lost the nut (come to think of it not sure if there is one or if there is even a thread), but the teeth is still in good shape (85%-90%). The belt is fine no cuts no bruises. So I am wondering what is my best option at the moment: -Buy a new Pulley (definitely), cant see anyway of salvaging it The biggest headache is the power steering pump shaft. -can I replace just the shaft itself because pump is working just fine no leak or anything (is that possible and is it easy to do it? tutorial?). Saves me from emptying out the power steering fluid. my mate also recommended that the shaft is fine, it still has the teeths, just need to make a new thread at the end of the shaft for the nut to hold the pulley. or worse case new power steering pump, quite expensive from what I heard, plus power steering fluid on top of that. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance. Also one last question, how long can I run my truck without power steering pump working? Kind Regards, Bill