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  1. That's the main problem I'm having right now, I've been playing with the idea of just getting a manual v6 and swaping my coilovers, exhaust, y-pipe and all the other goodies into it, but finding a decent v6 manual is more than a challenge. Found one that didn't look bad (for it's age) but it had 320,000k's on the clock and had very obviously been wound back.
  2. Thanks for the advice mate, from my experience working on the motor I was already expecting it to be a bit of a **** show. I'll start having a shop around for new manual camry's or something else that takes my fancy. Worst case scenario is I sell it and post up ads on here for some BC golds for a vcv10
  3. Alright boys need some advice, I currently own a 95 Vienta and my gearbox has decided to **** the bed on me (again) so I've mad the executive decision of slapping a manual one back on, apart from the obvious manual box, clutch, pedal box from a manual v6 is there anything specific I'd also need, also and tips for getting the job done? I already know just buying a manual one would be easier, but then I'd need to swap my coilovers, exhaust, sound system and all those annoying goodies (plus the car has a sentimental value). Cheers to anyone that can give some advice, also apologies fo
  4. ctate1

    95 Vienta

    Thought I'd finally show off the old girl, seeing as I've been a member of these forums for who knows how long. Mostly only minor mods have been done, mostly maintenance and rebuilding. Some of the better and shinier mods are; 18x7.5 RSGT's BC BR Gold Adjustable coilovers Custom made 2.5 exhaust pipe with Magnaflow 2.5 inch dual tip muffler Full granny spec oversized weather shields Apart from that it's had a complete motor rebuild from top to bottom, spent a lot more money on her than I should have and always get asked "but why, it's just a Camry". I just honestly haven't found a c
  5. I recently found a set of BC Racing coilovers for my 95 VCV10 Vienta, and long story short my car was driven up a considerably steep curb (rear right wheel). Now about a week after this incident, my rear right wheel almost constantly scrubs when cornering, and appears to be sitting a solid 3/4 of an inch lower than the other 3 wheels. I'm wondering if maybe the coilover could have blown? Or maybe bent. I had to raise the rear right to make the car driveable again, but any information I could get would be amazing thank you.
  6. Anyone able to help on the situation?
  7. Full tank, it might also help to note that I have been getting considerably more economy since the rebuild.
  8. Hello all, was wondering if the forum guru's could help me. Out of the blue the old girl has decided that every time she goes around a right hand corner, it wants to misfire or splutter. It doesn't happen for left hand turns, but also happens under heavy braking. I have also noted that it doesn't seem to happen whilst in Neutral. Things I have tested are: Turning right slowly Dropping a gear whilst turning Placing it into neutral whilst turning (Didn't splutter) If anyone has any advice or may know a fix, let me know please. Has also just had a complete rebuild, if that information is
  9. I had another question, what size is the factory exhaust on the VCV10's? I'm guessing it's 2.5 inch in diameter.
  10. Damn that looks like it'd increase flow heaps, hopefully it won't cost too much extra as my budget is already pretty stretched. Thanks for all the help though mate
  11. What upgrades to the y pipe should I ask for? I'm not exactly sure what I should be asking for.
  12. I thought so as well, would I be right in thinking getting the new cat would be fairly beneficial? Since the one that's on there now is going on 21 years old, I did check and it is still the factory cat, or appears to be so.
  13. Called a few more places, got a quote from Mufflers to the Max in Ashmore, 380 for a whole new system with muffler or he can do 600 with a sports cat. Would the extra $220 on the cat be worth it? I'm in Ashmore QLD btw, thanks for the help mate.
  14. Just wondering if I could get advice from the Guru's, looking to get a new exhaust system for my 95 VCV10 and would like to know what information I could receive. Just got a quote on a new cat back system, which would be $950. Would this be worth it, and what benefits would I receive.
  15. Thanks for the advice, I knew some damage could occur if the job is bodged up. You wouldn't happen to have any experience with timing advance on the 3vz would you? Any advice would be appreciated.

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