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  1. Hi there My demister button bulb has blown (02 corolla seca) What type of bulb is used..its is a really small one I think the socket must come with the bulb too Cheers
  2. **** just realised the clear LED which is soldered in emits the green light..meaning a red condom over it will not make it so used to taking off green condoms and putting the reds on forgot this is like the AUTO window switch LED.. Still would like to know how to remove the clear lens...there are two miniscule tabs on either side that hold lens on but they are too small to press
  3. UPDATE: managed to remove immobiliser (containing LED) without breaking and disconnected it from the wiring. The problem now is how to remove the circular clear plastic lens from the part so that I can fit a red condom over it
  4. Hi I have removed the lower part of the steering column trim Unsure how to proceed to get to the bulb...I am wanting to replace the green condom with a red one to change the colour. Is the top part of the steering column trim fastened to anything? It doesn't seem like it but don't want to break anything.. car is 02 zze122 corolla seca levin
  5. never mind got it all sorted. may need to take to auto electrcian to fix my mess.
  6. Hi there So I have been following some of the guides on here for the removal of the dash. I have bumped into a problem which has now cost me the use of my air-con. I can't seem to remove the clip which atached the aircon button to the wiring harness. Need to remove so I can completely remove the centre console. Was planning on changing the interior lighting. There doesn't seem to be any tabs you can press down on and I used pliers to try and grip the clip to pull it out. Unfortunately it slipped and I cut one of the wires to my air con button which now does not work LOL FML. So any help with this would be appreciated. Also with the wire will rejoining with electrical tape be good enough? Also would I have to disconnect the battery when playing with this? thanks