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  1. Hi All, I am looking for genuine lower bumper front grille (the middle honeycomb mesh part, not the whole front bumper) for 2015 Camry Atara SL, the new facelifted model, in a near new or mint condition. Preferably local in WA, but will pay for freight if price is reasonable. Cheers,
  2. Yep I read the manual. I went to toyota service place today and had someone to help me. It is not easy for them as well, specially the driver side. Need to push hard a bit before turning it out. And the parker light, tried to turn the stick, it will turn but it won't pull out. At the end I didn't bother to replace the park light as I have to drive back to the office quick. Cheers for the reply!
  3. Hi everyone! Just registered and finally found a local australia forum for toyota! Bought a white 2014 Camry Atara S 2 weeks ago with only 10800km on the clock Very happy with the car so far. Pardon me if my 1st question is a bit noobish: I bought Philips H7 headlight bulbs and I tried to replace them myself, but I have no luck in turning the old bulbs counter-clockwise out. Do I just need to turn it harder? I'm scared I would brake it. Thanks in advanced for the advice. Cheers!

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