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  1. Is the car in 'reverse' or 'driver' mode when you take it out from the garage?
  2. Thanks ianskluger. Good to know that KX-R 2011 has the third row optionally fitted. Same question as to DDC73. Just wonder if your car shows a strong violation when starting from cold?
  3. Hi DDC73, Does your Kluger have a strong violation when starting from cold (e.g., in the morning)?
  4. Hi guys, Sorry for this newbie question. I am curious about which Kluger year/model has third row split folding. Mine is 2010 KX-R and the third row is just flat folding. I checked some Klugers on carsale and found that for some 2011 & 2012 KX-R, the third row is 50/50 folding. But I also saw other 2011 & 2012 KX-R ones that do not have 50/50 folding. So my question is, how to know if a Kluger has 50/50 third row folding *without* checking the photos? Is it related to manufactured year or just an option you have when buying the Kluger?
  5. Cool. Am a bit relieved now. Thanks Bisdake.
  6. Thanks bisdake. For your kluger, is the condition different in winter & summer? I am just thinking it might be worse in winter compared to summer due to colder weather.
  7. Hi Speedz, Engine oil is full. It is actually a bit higher than the full mark. Don't think that is a problem though.
  8. It likes shudderring, lasting for a couple of minutes until the engine is warm.
  9. Hi, I bought an used Kluger 2010 a couple of weeks ago. And I noticed a strong vibration and noise when the car starts from coldstart (in the morning or afternoon after a long idle). I know that some other Kluger owners in this forum also experienced the similar issue. Such as below discussion: I would like to know: Is this really a part of normal operation as explained in the above thread? Is there a fix for this? Does the issue have any impact on the engine or the car's lifetime? For those who had this before, do you still experience this issue till now?Thanks guys!