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  1. A few of the ZZE12x owners go for the 86 headunits since they also have the option for GPS and I believe they're a direct plug and play, as far as I was told anyway from one of my mates that had one.
  2. Yeah I gave them a good clean as well afterwards. Yeap W.A., not sure if they have one themselves in Sydney but maybe another detailing shop sells their gear for them and what not. The foam cannon is a really nice addition, it feels top notch and it doesn't topple over or anything. I'm pretty happy with it all round. Thanks Tony!
  3. After weeks of what seemed like endless showers and storms, they cleared at the right time for the weekend and I finally got to wash the beast. FINALLY! Started off with the wheel cleaner, I tend to only use it when I haven't washed the car for a long time since my brake pads generally don't give off a lot of brake dust so it's usually pointless during the weekly wash times to use it. This time around, I got the most intense reaction I've seen on the front wheels. Usually I get little bits here and there but this time there was plenty of purple liquid about. I let it sit
  4. I wonder if the the South African based cars have it like ours which would make some sense too seeing as the Sportivo's were being assembled there.
  5. I actually got a Fireball drying towel at Toyotafest a few years ago and I've been pretty happy with it too. Does their finishing foam get applied via a foam cannon or is it more of a spray on, dwell and than rinse?
  6. Yeah that's what I remembered but wasn't quite sure if it was the case or not.
  7. Got into a bit of detailing stuff during lock down last albeit, mostly entry/beginner level gear seeing as there's a lot I'll need to learn over time and to see what works best for me. Product: Bowden's Own Happy Ending (yes a silly name I know). A finishing sealant used with a pressure washer. Application: Mix the formula 9 parts water, 1 part H.E. in 1L snow foam cannon. Apply to wet car after a wash and rinse off as soon as possible once the entire car has been coated. Experience: This has been my go to coating for a few months now. You can't really beat the ease of use, simp
  8. I've seen the sump removed on an 04 and looked to be the same as my 05. I believe the Celica one is different to the Sportivo's in terms of the sensor from what I was told a while ago.
  9. Are you running the stock rims? Personally I ran 205/50 Michelin Pilot Sport 4's on my 16" rims for a few years and they were waaaaay better than the RE002s I had before. Wet and dry, there was endless grip with them. Only downside was I felt it accelerated a little slower than the RE002 only because I went with 50 profile where as the 002's were 45 profile. Most guys these days tend to run 205/50 which IMO looks perfect on 16s, 45 profile looks a little small but the acceleration is much nicer. I personally don't rate RE003's that high after having Pilot Sport 4's. I re-call seeing RE004
  10. Not sure if this any help mate - https://jp-carparts.com/toyota/partlist.php?maker=toyota&type=153150&cartype=6&fig=1105 You may have to contact the parts department as they will likely have a better idea.
  11. Let's get right into the New Year right. Going to be updating the forum thread a lot more regularly than I ever have before this year (well I hope at least ūü§ě) For Christmas, my parents got me a new vacuum since our old one had been out of action for some time and I was using a dying dust buster for a long time before not even really bothering much with my interior. It's the Karcher WD3 and all I can say is wow. It's probably the best vacuum I've used and reminds me of using the vacuum's you'd find at car washes in terms of how powerful it is. I have used it a few times now but
  12. I'll say it has, I had planned an overseas trip for this year with my partner and we had it cancelled last minute before we would've gone. We were both pretty bummed but after everything that happened, we were glad we didn't get stuck overseas. The headlights are factory ones that I'll have pull off the lenses to paint the insert/surround as they are. I have had them polished a few times but the damage is also on the inside and I'd have to pull them apart to fix it. I'm not to happy with the paint on this set so I'd rather re-do another set with what I've learnt since to make them even be
  13. Last update to finish off the year. 2020 has been a tough year for all us, some more than others. A lot of things haven't gone to plan this year but I have a lot to look forward to next year. I've got quite a list for next year, I think I'll be lucky if I even get half of it done but hopefully I can get most of it done during my leave early next year. Other than the usual maintenance and problems that arise, here it is. - Replace current headlights with new black housing headlights - Monitor leak (potentially power steering pump) - Replace the clutch and flywheel (if needed) - Cl
  14. Ah nice Ian. I found a setup on Steam that helped remove some of the dead-zone when playing Assetto Corsa and it was honestly a game changing. Some of my PBs went down by more than a quarter of a second or more, which doesn't sound like much but with such a minimal change driving flat stick I thought it was a good addition. I was tempted to get a Fanatec wheel when I was looking but ended up with the G27 in terms of overall value I feel you can't beat it. Sadly I'm just mounted to a desk with a "gaming chair" which I've always thought is good enough for my use anyway.
  15. What's your setup? I use my trusty G27 I've had for honestly about 8 years or so now. I played Assetto Corsa at friends place last year and got hooked after hearing so many good things about it. I got it March this year and haven't looked back. Got a heap of modded tracks in mostly Aussie ones like no longer existent Oran Park, Sydney Motorsport Park, Lakeside Raceway and a heap more. A modder I follow has also released Group A touring cars which I've always loved so I mostly steer those around.
  16. Glad I'm not the only one who's had the same drama. I love all their other products as well, Orange Agent works really well and leaves a nice smell compared to other cleaners I've used in the past. My top 3 Bowden's products in terms of what they offer and their results would have to be Happy Ending, Wet Dreams and After Glow.
  17. Something that is definitely beneficial for the echo is handling mods. If you find that extracting power is looking expensive, look into some coil overs/spring and shock combo along with bracing. These will go a long way in improving a great aspect the Echo has over a lot of other cars. As Ash said, look for some new quality rubber and new rims if you can along with some new pads and discs. It will definitely make for quite a potent package in the twisties and will guarantee maximum surprise from others. A mate of a mate has an Echo with a Blitz supercharger kit, definitely has the s
  18. Yeah it bugs me a lot especially because I generally don't go to this particular office I'm in a lot so my normal office isn't as bad in terms of getting dirty. It's at the time of the year where I won't have enough free time to give it a nice clean either. Definitely looking forward to February, got a few things in mind I'd love to get done!
  19. Minor update Nothing to new here sadly. Recently I have had to return to another office for work full time once again so I've been racking up some kms in the last few weeks or going to and from and dealing with a lot more people on the road than I ever re-call before. My office is in an industrial area and is right near a concrete facility and rubbish tip so I hardly ever clean my car seeing as within an hour of arriving it's covered in dust and dirty once again. Hopefully when this bad weather finally clears I'll give some love that it desperately now needs. Here's how it
  20. When I applied Bowden's, I let it sit basically for a day or before doing my highway drive where it all flung off. In saying that, I may give it a go again if I ever want a less glossy look.
  21. Thanks for the feedback Tony, appreciate it. With the Tyre Sheen, I think because I applied it and just left it as opposed to applying, and wiping afterwards led to it flinging off the tyre itself. I'm the same with Armorall, I only use it since it's there and I mean it does the job for the moment but I definitely rate the Export stuff, can't go wrong.
  22. In the last few years I've used 3 different tyre shines. - Export - Bowden's Own - Armorall Export: My personal favourite of the 3 I've used. For the price you can't complain, I usually pick up a few when SCA have them as a bundle of 6 or so. Love the wet look and it's pretty simple to apply. I use an old face towel we've had for years at home that we use for tyre shine application. The only draw back is that it probably lasts a fortnight or so at the very most if there is no rain. Bowden's Own: Of the 3, I found this one to be the most disappointing especially when I began
  23. I'm with Tony on this one. I mean some things do actually get reduced but I too have noticed a wide array of different items go up in price and basically when "on sale" return to the price they were prior.
  24. I agree Ash, I thought the exact same. I think most Black Friday Sales in Australia are bit lack luster to say the least.
  25. Repco has a few oils on special for Black Friday sales. https://www.repco.com.au/en/oils-fluids/engine-oils-fluids/engine-oil/c/1862918079?q=%3Arelevance%3ApartSlot%3AENGINE%2BOIL&text=# Not too much going compared to other big sales we've had.

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