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  1. Honestly, no where special I'm just really keen to go to some national parks, up towards to mountains and maybe some beaches. I've been dying to go back to the royal national park for some time now.
  2. Another year of owning the Sportivo today. 6 years ago after crashing my Honda Prelude I bought it with no real intentions of keeping it for all too long but after the modifying bug bit me harder than ever before, the Sportivo has being far to good to let go. From the moment I had the accident, I was looking at replacing the car. Deep down, I had a bad feeling that I wasn't going to be able to keep it and repair it. I began looking for another 5th generation Prelude but at the time, there was really nothing around that was worth looking at. The only one's I did find, despite having lower kms than my one looked to be poorer condition. Although I was close to moving into a silver 1998 model Prelude, I decided to explore my other options to try something different. Initially I was looking into DC5 Integra Type S' as I thought it was a more modern alternative to a Prelude and in doing so, I also began looking into Sportivo's as well as they were from roughly the same vintage (2003-2005). After doing some calculations on the running costs, I found the Sportivo was much easier to find in my price range, cheaper to insure and run as a daily driver compared to the DC5. After looking around on Carsales and Gumtree for a Sportivo, I had my eye set on a silver 2005 model as I'd decided initially at the time, I wasn't the biggest fan of the pre facelift. Here's how I saw it listed online, basically a completely stock standard Sportivo with then, under 150000 kms (had 1449xx kms at the time) which is what I was after. Other than minor things such as a stubby antenna, window tint and visors it was as stock as rock even down to the airbox and headunit. This was the first and only Sportivo I looked at and after inspecting it, taking for a drive and getting some of the cons from the owner who was a super honest bloke, we settled on a price, much less than what he wanted originally but he was quite happy as there were some minor problems I found along the way that reflected the price drop. Did all the usual paper work and handover while chatting to the owner about his time with the car as he was only the 2nd owner and had owned it for well over 5 years at the time and like most Sportivo owners, he was quite gutted he had to sell it. I popped my p plates on and off I went with my mate back home to do the usual show off to your mates on your new car. Here's how it arrived home 6 years ago. From this day I began quite a journey to get the car to a state where I'm genuinely proud to own it. I've been through the ups and downs of ownership experiencing gearbox and clutch issues, wearing out engine mounts and losing guard liners (which I should really replace by now 😂) but I wouldn't change a thing. It's being a part of my life even from the early days when I met my partner and even she knows I'll never be able to bring myself to part ways with it. Along the way I've met a heap of new people I'm now lucky enough to call mates and without them and my already existing group of mates it probably wouldn't be where's it's at today. So I have a big thank you as always to all the people that have helped and done the hard work to help me. Here's the guise it was in for the longest period before reaching the point where it is today, at 258xxx kms below. Here's to another year of ownership!
  3. Haven't had any issues so far, neither has Adam who has run the Adaptronic setup for quite a bit longer than I have. I mean if I do have issues, I can always change it since it's running the simplest setup for the MAP.
  4. The MAP sensor is a built in one in the E420D unit 🙂
  5. Short answer, no. Unlike some overseas variants which are able to reflashed such as the Corolla XRS, Sportivo's aren't able to be reflashed or tuned. There a few known ECU's that work, you can use a Greddy V-Manage and E-Manage together which basically gives all of the options a standalone ECU will, albeit they're quite out dated. I personally ran a V-Manage for a few years before moving onto an Adaptronic E420D which is a lot newer and has all of the features plus a whole lot more over an E and V Manage combo. Other known ECU's that people use are the Apexi Power FC (2ZZ Celica unit) with an adaptor harness, which is proven and works but super out dated even compared to a Greddy Combo. AEM, Link, Haltech and Adaptronic all work after a working out the wiring as a standalone ECU. The Adaptronic I'm running is wired in as a piggyback unit so I still retain the stock ECU and have all my accessories and cluster working with no issues albeit, the temperature gauge is off which a fix has since being found by my mate who tuned my car and I have a check engine light due to the fact I'm running a different O2 and Lamda setup so the stock ECU does this as it can't read that sensor anymore. Another benefit of this unit is that I no longer need the MAF sensor as I'm running a MAP sensor now which is nice bonus for running less restrictive intake setups. If you're really keen on going down the route of tuning a 2ZZ, it's best you search the web for these units and choose which one fits your intended build outcome in terms of tunability, pricing etc. Best of luck.
  6. Well as always, it rained last night but checking this morning the coating still seems to be beading quite stronly on the roof, bonnet and rear bumper so I'm pretty happy with it so far. I'm thinking of doing a decon wash before we get into summer so if I do, I'll be documenting it for sure!
  7. Not much to add this time around, recently filled up with petrol after over a month of not having to given the lack of driving I do these days and the distance I go. Over the last few weeks or so it's been quite windy and we've also had rain here and there so I decided to give the car a maintenance wash. The car was covered a nice layer of dust and little bits of road grime here and there. It hasn't been this dusty in quite a while so I thought it would be good to see how well the snow foam removes the dust. Left the foam to sit for over 5 minutes to get the dust off and loosen the road grime. After washing it off I was pleasantly surprised to find that all the dust was gone and 90% of the road grime had gone. The HydrO2 coating still seems to be working quite well even after a month since it was applied making the dust and grime a lot easier to remove compared to previous years where I found the dust on uncoated painted quite annoying to remove. Car was all nice and clean again which proved to be pointless as the wind just put more dust and rubbish on the car but of course, it's supposed to rain either today or tomorrow. Oh well what can I do 😅 Really looking forward to having more freedom soon, really looking forward to taking the beast for some long drives to the twisties again. It's being a long time! Stay tuned.
  8. I tell you what, it does unleash our inner bogan! 😁😂
  9. Hahahaha Tony I love it! Despite the naming they use, they do have some great products like Wet Dreams, Happy Ending and I do enjoy their car washes and snow foams. But yes, it does make it awkward to tell people what you use to clean your car 😆
  10. I've actually got one that I've been meaning to try so we'll see how that goes!
  11. 25% off some brands at Repco for this weekend. https://www.repco.com.au/en/car-care-panel/c/1862917923
  12. At least 25% off some engine oils for 3 days at Repco. https://www.repco.com.au/en/oils-fluids/engine-oils-fluids/engine-oil/c/1862918079?cid=email-2021_09_02_3daysale&mkt_tok=NzI3LUJRRi04NjQAAAF_RMFi3rPkSYlZvU9a471DqWfcoRU1ZTXh-N1OBgrryvwhOsTNDqsPwRzdDaGYsNTAZH0rQ_8m6Y9nkmUY1mIo5RdaTePnWxTwrM_QIZ1a
  13. I have literally every magazine I've ever got. Heaps of Hot 4s, Zoom, High Performance Imports, Street Machine, Unique Cars and a heap of others. They're awesome to read if you want to take a time machine. These reviews are worth every penny especially now that I've yet to see this particular issue on sale again. It had a heap of great articles in it too so other than the Sportivo article, it made for a great read.
  14. Hey TOCA, Some time ago I purchased this magazine as there wasn't many released featuring the Corolla Sportivo upon it's release in May 2003. This July 2003 issue of Motor Magazine has an article of an early model Corolla Sportivo going over pricing, features, pro & cons along with comparing it to it's rivals of the time etc. These were the best scans I got with my scanner so some of the final works may be missing or partially cut off but I hope you get the idea. The article, like most about the car are quite harsh in regards to the power delivery and handling, which I do agree with some of it, mostly the handling side. Enjoy!
  15. Curious, have you checked spark plugs and your battery as well? I've also seen when starter motors are on their way out they tend to make the crank times a lot longer than normal.
  16. Autglym fans, 25% off at Repco for 3 days only. https://www.repco.com.au/en/brands/autoglym/c/1379177815?cid=email-2021_08_19_3DaySale&mkt_tok=NzI3LUJRRi04NjQAAAF-_Kf4_KaulTZrnK59P4NaSs2XQ5iYujB_cJT0dQH4a8osEtYP9HrcTUquBYrHRTFft5V1Vi1TkDAfQzH_aWv9UHCDgKoGRBc6D1qr5nIE
  17. Weather has been pretty spot on lately, decided to give the beast a maintenance wash since I had some free time last weekend. Decided this time around to use 'Yellow Snow' since I haven't used this foam for a little while. Was mostly curious to see how well it would clean the initial dust and grime off on the new HydrO2 coating. After allowing the foam to dwell for well over 5 minutes I rinsed it off and pleasantly surprised to find that literally 95%+ of the dirt and grime had come off with the foam rinse. I had a good look around and still decided to wash the car properly seeing as there was still some bits of grime around. Was honestly one of the easiest washed I've done in a long time, had to use very little effort to remove the remaining crud and it was one of the quickest washes too. After the wash I found the coating to still feel nice and slick and beading fairly well on all the panels. I know it's only been 2 weeks since I applied the coating so we'll see in the long run if it can last to the 4-6 months I've seen around the internet. Overall pretty happy well the car presents these days. I think I'll eventually do a de-con wash and apply another coating of some sort when I have more time but with the HydrO2 coating currently, I couldn't recommend it more. I've seen some mixed things about it online but personally I quite like it so it's worth a try. If you're up for trying it, there are smaller bottles available at least so it's not to hard on the wallet. Stay tuned.
  18. It actually can be dimmed when the lights are on so it's not too bad, I took the photo with my lights off so it is pretty bright. I'm the same to be honest Tony, they were only some cheap ones so I'll see how they are but I generally just my headlights everywhere these days which are still halogen. I'm completely again using HIDs or LEDs are headlights especially in headlights with halogen housings. They're just useless and blind everyone.
  19. Realised the other day that I don't think I've uploaded an updated picture of my dash setup. With the Adaptronic ECU, it required a new lambda sensor along with an AFR gauge. So the Lufi gauge was removed and I don't really have any good places to put it so I will probably not use it again, maybe I might put it in my partners car but who knows. In regards to my cluster, the CEL is only there because of the ECU and once lockdown is over I'll hopefully be able to organise some time with Adam to get that issue resolved as there is a way to stop it from staying on. The temperature gauge is also off and reads quite low as you can see which is another minor fix by changing some settings via a laptop connected to the ECU. I haven't got the firmware just yet so I won't be able to correct that just yet. I also recently found my drivers side parker bulb had blown after having it for a number of years so I decided to bite the bullet and go for some LED parkers. I've still kept the standard halogen headlights and high beams as from previous experience, I don't like running LEDs other than as the parkers. They're nothing special, just some cheap eBay specials, not that the expensive ones do anything different. Waited until the evening so I could get a better idea of how bright they are. The pictures make it seem quite bright, I presume it's the angle I took them at because they were barely lighting up my garage door. So overall I'm pretty happy with this small touch, will see how they go and if I think they're a bit too intrusive to other drivers I'll get some new halogen globes again. Looking forward to when I eventually get some nice night shots after lockdown or if I ever get some actual camera shots. Stay tuned.
  20. 30% off Meguiars at Repco. https://www.repco.com.au/en/brands/meguiars/c/1379179342?cid=email-2021_08_11_Augcat&mkt_tok=NzI3LUJRRi04NjQAAAF-0Rk5hsZppXLwTLr1v3F3mQSCFPG6VFrxVNsILMtUlt9FYrD3rUvQN3lVWSNSPESstR8fkGve6hEozBDK-YcYpj-cORzDMepRCCzxgxCf
  21. Yeah I know they're a bit of fun but they are pretty cringeworthy especially if you speak with someone about what you use on your car who has no knowledge of Bowden's, it usually can go one of two ways but thankfully I usually end up with the person in stitches 🤣 I'm looking more into some gear from Waxit for when I need to stock up further, at the moment I have plenty in the collection.
  22. Good idea Tony. Bowden's has 30% off for anyone interested in trying/restocking some items. https://www.repco.com.au/en/brands/bowden-s-own/c/1887688507?q=%3Arelevance%3Alevel2Category%3A1862917930
  23. Thanks mate! As far as I know, it seems most CarPro products work well with their ceramic coatings so at least it doesn't render a lot of them useless once you ceramic coat your car.
  24. Didn't know this actually! How interesting, Would make washing a whole lot easier. Hopefully if it have the chance in the future when it's not too dirty. I did some videos of the usage and I just assumed that you could use it that way only if you weren't using a foam lance. I mean for my first experience using CarPro products myself, I can definitely say I'll be looking into a few more of their products in the future.
  25. Finally got around to giving the car a much needed wash. It's been a little neglected these days with everything happening in lockdown and just running out of time on weekends because I somehow manage to find other things that need to be done. After a snow foam and 2 bucket wash, I finally got to use one of the new products in my detailing ****nal. After running out of Bowden's Happy Ending, I decided to give CarPro's HydrO2 Foam a go. So far I'm fairly impressed with it! The liquid doesn't have any nice scents or anything but it leaves the paint looking absolutely stunning with a nice glossy finish and the panels still feel as sleek as ever after a finishing foam. For the price, it's much cheaper than the Bowden's finishing foam and is also noted to last anywhere from 4-6 months on cars outside compared to Bowden's 2 months or so, which I'll hopefully see if this claim is true. The user experience is simple and straight forward, exactly like using any finishing foam in a foam lance and rinsing off once the panels are coated. Currently I can visit my partner during the lockdown, which is the only thing keeping me sane! I noticed some time ago there's a usually empty side street around and I thought I'd get some photo's when my car is clean. I tried to go one night but found the lighting to be pretty poor so with a beautiful day like today, I got some shots before heading over. As usual it rained ever so lightly this evening and looks to rain tomorrow as well so I'll get to see how well the coating handles the rain and get see some hopefully awesome beading. That's it for now, stay safe and stay tuned.

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