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  1. sinan

    Lexus ES300

    you must realy give good head?..........thank god we live in a country where evan a bogan can own a lexus..... HAHA up tight? lol your mum was over giving me a head and i walked out with her 30k. wat a happy ending that was.
  2. You should say, yes i do, i 'need' it to look better :P Evo and then she says... "need to look better to Who????!!!!???" dangerous territory. Lol "i want to make my corolla unique, just to add a bit of sportiness :P " hows that :P Evo lolll i tried that line mate. backfired pretty bad. response i got was "why do you need to look unique? who's attention are you trying to seek?" like BKS said dangerous territory. just turn around put the head down and walk away mate. but if your lucky like me and the misus is not into cars she wont notice anything you do to the car. btw very nice looking ride mate. looks very similar to what my car looked like at one stage
  3. haha thats the one. i just searched through so many members rides threads to find him lol. $295 is the price for my mates for 18%. we have a special on darkest legal atm for $295 aswell. down from $395. but i can keep the special price going for mates, so if you come in to get it done let me know before hand. SHUX BOYS use r gettin RIPPED OFF!!! my mate did my tint for 150 n i got 20%... Theres a guy that tints windows at PLUMPTON his names martin his bizness names TEAMGROUNDZERO tinting. My mate got his ZRE152 done there n it cost him 180 or 190 n he got 15%!!!! LOL!!! yeah and the film in dyed korean made. our films costs about 150 per car american made metalised. yeah we can use cheaper films if you like but they will bubble and fade. i know the boys at bently, audi, merc of syd, VW and rick damelian prestige would prefer paying a higher price for better quality films and workmanship. but i can see where your coming from, i would rather pay 150 to get my corolla done in an ok looking way then paying 300 to have to perfect. think ill hit you up soon mate. i'd rather pay double and get it done rite first time around instead of ripping the tints off a week later with a razor. and atleast there is warranty on the thing i hope.
  4. ok fellas. after a few hours and enough swearing to last me a year got it all done. did end up using lube but only a very small amount. got it all done in a few hours though trying to get the rear bolt that goes through the mounts was a bitch to take out. bent a rachet in the process. lol we used so many extentions i ended up loosening it from the passenger side wheel arch after we took the tyre off. thought putting the rear mount back on with the inserts was the biggest sl*t. took for ever. has made a fair bit of improvemnts and also extra rattles inside cabin. also did go for a quick joy ride and it has seemed to imrpove shifting. had problems shifting before at redline but now it seems to go in no dramas. thanx everyone for the help
  5. thanx alot mate. just in the proces of doing it now. got the car up on stands and got a spare jack. ill just place a plank of wood under the sump to suppost the motor. i think ill start with the front one first and see how it all goes.
  6. hey everybody, just got a hold of some motor mount inserts and gonna give it a crack tonight with a mate. i know there is only a handful of people that have got these let alone installed it themselves but for the people that saw or actually installed it themselves have you got any tips or guides on the install. any special tools i need? do i need a hoist or can i just do it with a jack and some chassiss stands? thanks in advance guys simon
  7. i used royal purple on one of my oil changes and after a good ngihts thrashing it seemed to **** itself. the tappets got really noisy and everything else. and i do my oil and filter changes every 5000k's. now days i stick to motul.
  8. not threatening anyone here. yeah i got the record and anyone that does anything stupid to me for no reason i would do it all again. not trying to pick on anyone. i just think differently to everyone else on here and actually agree with blacknight and his actions. for someone that cut him off like that and put the car aside he could have killed him, i think he deserves to see what kind of an idiot would drive like that. and if he had to follow him for a hundred metres or so to see who it was then so be it. good on ya champ.
  9. adds to list of things to do before i die: cut sinan off say hello to my little friends then you wont be the first one to go home with a shattered window or even better a re arranged face.
  10. well done mate. would have done the exact same thing. not proud of my road rage either hence the crimal record for road rage but if you cut me off, swear at me or drive stupidly around me i wil chase you with a batton. now everone here can go on about how stupid it is and yadda yadda but thats me and its not gonna change a thing.
  12. got done on m5 at about 3am coming from campbeltown. was in the right lane and was pretty sleep. noticed a car behind me and changed lanes. by the way i noticed it was a cop and after about 10 mins of driving behind me he pulled me over. also my speedo wasnt working so i didnt exactly know how fast i was going. haha got fined for driving in right lane. and also got done by two police officers walking on the side of the road. lost traction as i was turning then stopped at a intersection. as soon as i stopped my phone rang and i picked it up. before i knew it i had the phone to my ear and two police officers standing in front of my car watching my every action. pulled over and didnt lie and copped it sweet. the officers were kind enough to only fine me for talking on the phone. also got done for speeding. haha this ones funny. police officer pulls me over and asks for my pilots licence. i just had the dummest look on my face. was a blonde moment then later on it kicked in. and also got the funniest phrase from a police officer. this was when i got done for foggies. haha POLICE OFFICER: you may think they look fully sick but there not so keep them off. can only use them when there is fog or animals on the road. THOUGHTS GOING THROUGH MY MIND: i saw a pig on the road.
  13. i went to big o when i was getting my car lowered. they installed it first time around and had no issues what so ever. maybe cause im wog they were good and talkative with me.
  14. TYPE R FTW. i drive a stivo but im starting to get sick of it. just starting to feel to slow for my liking

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