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  1. Just a couple pic from my 99" HZJ105 100 Series. I don't know what this part is and it seems to be leaking water slowly? Should it be plugged up?, help people? ID here would be good. Also my timing belt hasn't been changed since 150,000 i am at 260,000 do i risk a catastrophe coming up really soon. I just don't have the cash to do it now.
  2. Hi, i just recently bought a 1999 Landcruiser HZR105 with just over 260K on the clock. Beautiful car and performance. Only one thing, I'm struggling to fit in the bloody thing! Its absolutely massive in terms of storage space, but its drivers? Im sure that toyota didn't really cater for taller people, its a joke! Was wondering if anyone on this forum has modified or has had their vehicle modified to suit there needs or height. The rails will need to pass an engineers certificate i believe as well. It really is my favourite car yet and I'm looking at long distance driving but just don't see it happening. Any help would be greatly appreciated. James
  3. Thanks so much mate! loved the detailed response I'm going to get it mechanically inspected when it arrives, other than that it seems all fine. James James
  4. Hi, I just purchased a 99 LandCruiser HZJ105 with just over 260,000 on the clock. Very very tidy car, RACV Approved from a dealer. Log books aren't too complete. Its the 4.2Hz Diesel engine which is just stock with no turbo. I want to know if there would still be plenty of life left in this car? I mean i looked under the car for any dents and bangs but nothing at all which was good. Any owners can tell me a little bit about theirs or share some knowledge on the model and possible problems that would be great. Paid 21,000 including on road costs. Here are some photos of it as well. Any help would be much appreciated, James