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  1. Hey guys and girls, just in the last week my sway bar end link on the drivers/right side has started to hit the bump stop kinda thing, i have not been in an accident or hit any gutters, i am running bc racing coilovers, just want to know if anyones had the same problem or might know what's suddenly causing this annoying problem. Thanks David
  2. Ok, so, be careful when it comes to mechanics, turns out the mechanic that put the new clutch in couldnt be effed putting in the new throw out bearing, yet still charged for a clutch kit. Shop that screwed over the previous owner - J A T Mechanical down in Capalaba QLD
  3. Scratching noise when the clutch is released, goes away when clutch pedal is engaged, happens in all gears (same noise but louder when driving slow in 1st,2nd and 3rd), all gears shift perfectly, i thought it might be the throwout bearing but i watched a video and its a totally different sound, it has 207000ks, new clutch, machined flywheel, new driveshaft seals and new gear oil at 199446ks, please help, thanks.

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