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  1. i no what you mean... i used to run a few websites with IPB and getting people to follow rules is hard what i did was: in the admin cp (not sure about this verion but the older onces) what u need to do is have a minimum post cost to enter so if u set it as 1 and have every forum as 1 post to enter and leave the intro or rules forum as 0 so the new people can read that and say hi or say yes i understand the rules let me see the other forums lol or limit it by user groups like admin, mod , advanced member etc... u can do it both ways and its not hard at all. shouldnt take longer than 10mins if
  2. have u recieved my money ?? has qkslvr paid yet?? thanks
  3. sent the money just then, thanks heaps mate cant wait for it !!!!
  4. im fine with the price =] cant wait !
  5. very very quick question if some could answer .. are these cheap/ fake rims sold in normal shops?? like eg. tempetyres?? and places like that or are they just ebay jobs?? thanks
  6. fair enough lol the first ones not lol but if u see the video on the news the pictures if there where any would be very close to these.
  7. im still in but it takes 2 day for money to go through i use st george. so let me no asap.
  8. omg this scares me..... im going to be looking for rims soon .... aarr are these cheap rim / fake sold in normal shops?? like tempetyres?? and places like that or are they just ebay jobs?? thanks
  9. no you just need to take the back cover off thanks all
  10. not sure what the other photos are, but these are a little of what i got out of a powerpoint at work...enjoy !! Aiden
  11. 600 to 700 is normal for me, i only use shell or caltex fuel. u must be driving hard all the time, but u have an auto so theres your problem they always go through alot more fuel.
  12. http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/inde...showtopic=11068 pop over to that thread.
  13. come one people get in while its cheap !!!! i want my cai !!!!
  15. im getting the same thing .... like wft???
  16. thanks mate ok my system, 8 gauge wiring Kenwood XXV- 01 deck. stock speakers (when i get money i will get new speakers) response amp kenwood sub
  17. ok so this took me about 3 days to complete and im glads its over and im very happy with the finish. amp = jaycars response 4x100 RMS comments please.
  18. any chance of seeing that video ?? thanks :D:D
  19. my baby and hi baby and im 1 off are gold !! wish i could change my plates
  20. im have paired up with qkslvr so its : qkslvr - Fairfield (NSW) magic - Douglas Park (NSW)...ME :D:D

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