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  1. I'm wondering now if its something strange with the transmission? It seems to only really do it in 4th and 5th gear at either 60 or 80kph. At slow speeds but around the same rpm range it doesn't seem to do the weird dipping and surging.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I don't believe the 2AZ-FE has a IAC valve but I was thinking about cleaning throttle body this weekend and see if it helps. I doubt it has ever been done. I'll also check plugs. What about injector cleaner? Is the stuff you out in your fuel tank a load of crap? I was thinking of grabbing a bottle of fuel doctor from super cheap, I've heard it actually works.
  3. Hi everyone. I have a strange issue with my 2006 Camry Grande. Basically what happens is say if you are cruising at 60kph and slowly take your foot off the accelerator the revs dip from about 1700rpm to 1100 and you get a small drag feeling and it bounces back up to 1700rpm again. It has only 88000kph and was owned by my dad before me. Always serviced on time and in good condition. It recently had water pump and alternator changed however it was doing this before that. Oil was also changed quite recently by me and still looks good as well as air filter and cleaning the MAF sensor. I have
  4. Thanks I probably wont worry about it. I do already have the filter and new gasket though but that only cost me $25 or so. Just thought there might be an easy fix to get the sump bolts off. I'll just continue to change the fluid regularly and hopefully that will suffice.
  5. Hi all, my 2006 Camry Grande has 80,000Kms and I'm pretty keen to replace the transmission filter inside the pan. I have the replacement filter but I was disappointed to see when I raised the car that some of the bolts on the pan I just can't get too as seen in the picture below. There is a chassis rail that runs right over the top. Has anyone successfully replaced the filter? I've just replaced the fluid for now but I'd really like to change the filter if I can! Thanks for any help!

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