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  1. It's a 10-year period not because it's a customer relations exercise, but because they are obligated to do so under Australian Consumer Law. You would normally expect something like a car's dashboard NOT to melt within that 10 year period. In fact, no-one expects their dash to just melt, otherwise it definitely is not fit for purpose and is also a safety hazard. However, having said that, you're past the 10 year cut-off date. So your chances of getting it rectified are now low and there is no longer a legal obligation for Toyota to replace the dash for free.
  2. The 3.0 V6 makes only 156kw. There is no need to squish the pipe on that!
  3. I suspect you're right about Toyota limiting the torque -- Toyota marketed these cars to a very conservative demographic. Also, the stock tyres aren't up to the extra torque, as you have experienced. To get more consistent acceleration you will need something better like Michelin Pilot Sport 4 or Bridgestone RE003. It would be great to get some before and after dyno results...maybe when I do it...
  4. This is something I have planned for my car too. Good to know it's such an inexpensive mod.
  5. Good to know it's going to someone who is going to look after this beast!
  6. Yeah ok, I thought as much. Will give it a go, maybe with a flathead screwdriver wrapped in cloth. I think I have some trim removal tools around somewhere too.
  7. Hi, you're better off with the RE003 to be honest. But the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 is also an excellent tyre. Depends on what type of tyre you're after?
  8. Hi All, Does anyone know if it's possible to replace the lock on the glove box at all? I see there are no screws on the door so if it has to be done, it looks like I might have to pry it open? Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. Welcome! That's a beautiful car you have there

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