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  1. Not sure where I read this but apparently you're more likely to have transmission issues if you've serviced a sealed transmission.
  2. I've done A LOT of research regarding exhausts, and it seems no matter what you do with the rear mufflers, you will not lose any power, so if you want a great sound from your aurion you can try a muffler delete, they sound very good, and you make the car 40kgs lighter by doing it, so if anything you'll gain performance.
  3. Even my SX6 Aurion has that loud diesel like sound at idle, so it's already a noisy engine to start with.
  4. While I agree with a lot of what your saying I don't exactly agree with this, older cars like those have a target market, mostly people with a low budget (people who don't work, first car owners, familys that just need a run-around car.), I have a friend who's first car is 1998 Nissan Pulsar with a 160,000kms on it, and he picked it up for $2000 with rwc and rego and it has no issues.
  5. I would say somewhere around $8,000 unfourtanetly the ATX models depreciate significantly more than the sportivo models.
  6. You're an absolute legend mate! Thanks for that, what rear mufflers are those? and did you feel any power loss? or did you feel more power gain?
  7. if you could record a video of how it sounds I'm sure it would help a lot of us! :)
  8. Thanks for making that Full-Throttle but, I think you were meant to make a group not a page haha, if it's a "group" rather it would be much better as people would be able to post into the group.
  9. I was just wondering do we have an Aurion owners club on facebook? and if not why not, everyone else has one why not us haha, would maybe a staff member of TOCAU be willing to make one?
  10. Happy Holidays guy! Enjoy your Aurions and drive safe!
  11. When I needed a replacement AC control unit thing I went to Bip Toyota in Melbourne, they were quite reasonable with their prices and even fitted the part for me.
  12. Thank you for all your replies guys, I took my aurion down to my local exhaust shop and they recommend I replace both my rear mufflers with smaller "sports" mufflers, and they gave me a quote of $550 for parts and labour, does that sound reasonable? Also would 2 smaller performance mufflers at the back sound nice?
  13. You can always go to the wreckers and find a rear sx6/zr6 bumper that's in condition and get it painted, it will be a lot cheaper.

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