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  1. Hi Gene, Glad it is sorted out,seems a good head unit you ended up with..always good to have a professional do the install and always have that peace of mind it is done right, Thanks for the Picture and keep us updated as to how your find its performance and reliability

    Keep Well


  2. Hi Malko, sorry mate have never come across anything like what you have before, so sorry can't offer any advice about a head unit that would still give you those functions.

    All i can suggest is Toyota themselves but I would expect it would not be a up to date HU and would cost a fortune anyway..all I can think of is a new unit and doing away with those functions which really would not be a huge inconvenience as you can still lock or unlock the car, turn lights on and off manually. At least a new head unit would allow you to have up to date Sat/Nav and a great sound.

    Hope you get something sorted soon and keep us up to date


  3. As Adrian said there are plenty of alternative HU's out there, as always it comes down to what you wish too spend to get what your after..Most modern HU's will have the ability of Sat Nav etc built in..when i replaced our Presara one i found Monster Audio had 5 different ones to pick from depending on price..as i wished not to do any damage or stuff up any electrical i got them to fit and have never had an issue..so I would suggest checking out a few car stores for what is best suited for you. I am sure they will have a suitable HU for you and can list what cable required to have steering wheel controls, rev camera etc function still


  4. Totally agree with Ashley about a guard dog, nothing like a large angry hairy beast to make people think twice about trying anything, I added more sensor lights with motion detectors attached to them at least gives you some light to see if anyone is about..some mates use motion cameras as well placed high up which record on movement but always comes down to money you can afford ..


  5. On behalf of my wonderful wife and I, Merry Christmas and may all have a safe and better 2020,

    We all know on here how tough it has been for so many with the horror of the bushfires raging around us, so please stay safe if your in the areas affected and may your journeys if travelling our highways be safe and enjoyable.


  6. Hi Bob and welcome to the forum, I went to monster car audio and spoke with them to find one I liked that not only did all I wanted as far as Sat Nav but had all the bells and whistles as far as audio, phone, video for rev camera etc, they installed for me as it requires the right harness to have all the steering wheel buttons work, Plus the surround to fill the space that the old head unit leaves when removed.. I would not tackle this myself as I did not want anything to short out because of something i did..I would suggest if you are planning on doing this yourself to at least talk to a good audio shop and see what they can offer as far as advise..There are some excellent head units out there so a lot to look at and with Christmas and New Years sales very close some great deals as well

    Let us know what happens mate and Good Luck hope it is sorted quickly for you


  7. Welcome to the forum Gene, head-units are a tough one to choose..My advice is get 1:what you can afford..2:one that has all the things you desire on it..3: a great brand for reliability..it really is a personal choice as quite a lot of great units out there..I would suggest going to a very good quality audio place and having a chat with the team in there..I used Monster Audio for the head unit and install and they did an excellent job

    Good Luck and let us know what you ended up getting


  8. Hi there are many many threads on here about the melting dash issue, read those and you will see most have gone back to Toyota and had success and some none

    My advise is read about it on here first then approach your Toyota Dealer about the matter. I would keep notes of your dealings with them so you have back up evidence as to what is happening and what has been said to you.

    Good Luck


  9. Welcome to the forum james, As Ashley said this is the best place for Information and advise, I like Ash keep My Aurion Presara stock with just the Modification of great quality low profile tyres, great mechanical servicing, quality brakes, and have debadged it some..Glad your here and enjoy the forum


  10. Hi K, well a tyre choice can go on forever..I found a good dealer and wanted a quiet,excellent wet weather grip and endurance tyre over anything else..Bridgestone are a good tyre and I have booted my Presara with them and yes lasting well and doing the job..It really is a personal choice as there are great deals out there and money is usually the decider..as to why they are doing what they do, well that really is weird..but perhaps talking to a dealer about the issue they may have an answer maybe it was a faulty construction process.

    I do hope you find the answer and get it sorted as they are vital, safety above all other things I say

    Keep Well  & have a Safe Christmas

  11. Well my opinion is yes, go back to the tyre dealer and is if they will do something for you as 4 months is not old and they are a good brand of tyre usually, I have had a set of the Primacy and got 100,000 klms out of them and still had tread on them so yes give the dealer a chance to do something for you.

    I always put top quality brand tyres on my wheels as they are your only contact with the road and it is about safety with me

    Keep us updated as to how you go mate