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  1. Spotted 22ZZGE near the Fish Markets on Wednesday night.
  2. Also spotted John (JVN11L) on Olympic Drive little bit before the above post.. :)
  3. Spotted 05 white Corolla Sportivo [AWG42M] on Wattle St heading into the City on Saturday. I remember seeing these plates in a members thread yoinks ago!
  4. That's ok Lee, they were sold earlier today. Thanks for looking! The paint doesn't flake off, so I don't think it's anodised. These are probably the most solid aftermarket lug nuts I've come across. They make the aluminium ones feel so cheap and fragile. Mods, please close! :)
  5. Hi guys, Lost one of my lug nuts. So I've had to buy a new set. Having said that, these will still suit rides with 4 studs (giving you 3 spare lugs). All 4 lock nuts available. Adapter and lock key included. Size: M12 x P1.5 Compatibility: Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Lexus Reason for sale: EP3 has 5 studs per wheel. Asking: SOLD! Cheers, Kenneth
  6. 02/04/2012 Been focusing on correcting the EP3's suspension geometry after it was lowered with BuddyClub N+ coil overs. Bump steer was worse than it was before lowering. So I got rid of the T1R inverted tie rod ends. They were noisy and steering started to feel loose (I assume pillow balls had a tiny bit of play in them). Replaced them with OEM DC5R tie rod ends (top mounted). This set my tie rods at an optimum angle to minimise bump steer - according to my research, the tie rod on a DC5/EP3 should be perpendicular to the angle of the strut in order to minimise/reduce bump steer. Next, due
  7. Spotted Clifton's Sportivo up on a hoist at Top One on Saturday..
  8. 05/03/2012 The EP3 now has: - New clutch - Exedy Sports Organic - Machined flywheel - OEM flywheel is light enough - New engine mounts - Hardrace Hardened Rubber - New LCA compliance bushings - New rear brake pads - ACRE SuperFighter pads to match the front - New fluids and oil filter.
  9. 19/02/2012 Nothing new to the EP3.. have been slowly collecting parts for a big job soon - no, it's not a turbo/ supercharger - just maintenance. Anyhow, the family is slowly moving to the dark side. My old man replaced his '01 Camry with a new '12 Accord Euro Luxury Navi.. So many awesome features for it's price. Windows got tinted this morning by Dave at ReflectEffect. Top bloke, and awesome work! We have a set of JDM weather shields sitting around. Will be installing them soon. Honda Japan's offering of accessories is so much nicer than the Honda Australia's offering. That's all fo
  10. Spotted Jesse in his new ride on the M4.

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