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  1. Nice new next project Alex. & back to team white :D One of these is also on my 'next car list'. How you finding the speed transistion from the VII to this?
  2. Oh frekk, that's not good to hear. nothing no one wants to happen to there car. Just stock it back up and get the Colt's bigger brother, no aftermarket ECU needed to get power, you know you want to, lmao...
  3. Spotted a blast from the past. Oh yeah OHBABY, M_M's old stivo. Nice meeting/chatting to you for abit.
  4. Hi Rowan, good to know you's got back nice and safe. Was nice to meet you, it's the guy who owned that other mitsu... Did you fix your window's yet? What was the problem? & yeah, I would of loved to cruise with you's on the Sunday, but as you know, my clutch not in good shape for crusing at the moment, but hope to fix that soon... Hope all's well back up there now...
  5. nice new ride... 4G63 FTW... i'm sure you'll find more parts & or easier for this than the MR2..
  6. encounta


    Congrat's finally on the sale. Time for more mod's on the VII
  7. Spotted mr GTLOST turning off richmond rd onto falmouth road this arvo.
  8. How considerate Rowan! This how we mitsu bro's roll! Did i hear mitsu's? lol..
  9. oh and a blue rolla parked on great western highway, westmead or so area. had toca sticker on sideskirt
  10. slammed white prefacelift westpoint carpark last night. ERU or something plates on it.
  11. ahhh, is that a non-toyota i see? i should of went also... Nah, i would of if i didn't do that drive last sunday. maybe next time. good to see more new gen rolla's out. But where's all the stivo's?
  12. Yup, definately rev limiter... Don't know about the other's, but i used to keep lift in between gear changes without hitting the rev limiter..
  13. niceeee... finally joined the other side. but boo you didn't get a white one. i'm sure you'll enjoy it alot :)