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  1. Sweet! I know how to fix the same annoying noise in my TRD ! Cheers
  2. Hey lads, anyone with a TRD aurion running a boost gauge on their vehicle? From what i can see everything on the supercharger itself is a vacuum port and not a positive boost vac line that i can tee into. Only thing i can think of doing is tapping a fitting into my intake manifold and running it off that. Any help would be excellent! Cheers
  3. Toyota will only send off a warranty claim if they can see visual evidence that the dash is melted. If your dash is still fine, dont bother.
  4. In a way yes it is a bit sneaky, any manufacturer doesn't want to admit that something is wrong with their brand or model. At least Toyota, unlike some, put their hand up and admit they have an issue and will replace the necessary parts for free.
  5. I love my trd. Only had a few issues, just had to replace my belt tensioner under warranty and replacing my supercharger by pass hose because toyota updated the design of the hose. But when you're a toyota technician everything is easy .
  6. Im not totally sure if it regards the overseas models. It all depends if the dashes are made of the same mixtures when they are produced. Fortunately my dash is still alright. If mine does start to deteriorate i will send in a claim at my work and ill replace it myself.
  7. I run a genuine K&N panel filter in my TRD. Personally Im not a fan running an under bonnet open air filter set up. Even though companies claim they are cold air inductions, the filter not being in a sealed unit is still going to suck in hot air. I love the supercharger whine you do recieve from a pod filter however. Power loss would be minimal. But mind you saying that, Any real noise from a supercharger is energy. Energy that you are loosing.
  8. To all that have issues regarding their dash melting. I work for a dealership, Toyota Australia are aware of this dash melting concern other than Aurions. (Prado 120 series, ZRE152 Corolla) The reason they excrete sap/wax substance is from high humidity or high temperatures. If your vehicle meets age requirements (vehicle is 10 years or younger since first production date) and have clear visual melting of your dash. Toyota should replace your dash pad under a customer satisfaction exercise free of charge. I know this fix wont be available forever so if you do have this concern, take it to
  9. I get it a lot when filling up a petrol stations. Mainly if i bought the SL (which i did). Most people have no idea what my car is.
  10. Hey Scott!, love the build so far mate, I have a question? I really do like the wood grain centre console that you had installed before the carbon fibre. I'm rather interested in doing the same for my TRD aurion. Is it a New Zealand only genuine part or have you wrapped it yourself? as i have not seen anything close to it on a Australian gsv40r. Cheers Matthew
  11. On my TRD aurion I did a muffler delete and just had two 2 1/4" straight pipes bolted on. I did like the note it gave also gave a ridiculous amount of supercharger whine. Only problem I found that annoyed me was the resonance of the exhaust at 50kmph. Also at 100 to 110kmph the constant drone from the engine load. I had two small resonators installed to kill some of the drone. It did work to some effect but it was still bad enough that i went back to my stock mufflers. Personally the only way you will get a quality note for the 2gr"s is spending the money and putting a decent stainless stee

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