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  1. I agree with you, it sorta matches your lower black lip. Not sure the sportivos could pull that off, but I guess colour coding eyelids has become the 'norm'
  2. oh, because of the direction of the foggies. of course. Thank you
  3. Hi everybody, Figured I'd post on here instead of the Facebook group this time. Am about to purchase a sportivo front bar (the one that fits onto the front of an ATX/Presara bumper) but the guy can't tell me what year the bar is. My question is whether a pre/post facelift bumper bar will fit on my 2009 touring? Or can I only fit preface lift ones? And then there's the issue of painting it to match my arctic white so if anyone knows a good place in Melbourne please let me know too Thanks in advance once again.
  4. Thanks for making the group! I've joined up
  5. Thanks for the suggestion, I did come across them but they are a bit far away to the west. Nonetheless, I dropped them a message :) Does anyone know how much I should expect to pay for a second hand sportivo rear bumper? I'll probably need to paint it as well since my Touring's white
  6. Ohhh, so your Aurion is a Touring model. In that case it will be cheaper to buy a complete Sportivo rear bumper secondhand as Aurion2Envy mentioned above, as they have small slits in the face of the plastic for mounting the rear lip (something that would be difficult to cut into your existing Touring rear bumper). I thought the photo you posted was of your car, but now it makes sense why I was struggling to see any hole in the rear lip where the towbar used to come through Oh no worries haha yeah I will probably message as many Toyota wreckers as I can for some quotes, since I don't mind using the money I saved on the car on some Sportivo exterior parts anyway :)
  7. No problem at all :). Your best option would be to buy one brand new from the Toyota dealership as I'm not aware of any aftermarket alternatives out there. I just called up my local dealership a few minutes ago and they quoted me $540 NZD ($508 AUD) + tax (15%) retail for the rear lip on it's own, so it will likely be a similar price from an Australian Toyota dealer. However, I did some hunting around and it's MUCH cheaper to buy one from Amayama.com - Still genuine, still brand new and with the correct part number of 76891-06903, just a few hundred dollars cheaper ^_^. The shipping price will make the price rise since it has to come from UAE, but it might be worth inquiring about if the patch/repair from a panel beater is going to be a similar cost. Here's the link to Amayama: https://www.amayama.com/en/search?q=7689106903 Thanks for sharing that site with me! I haven't come across that site in 2 months of browsing these forums :o I will be going to a panel beater to enquire about the cost but I do very much like the Sportivo rear diffuser... Only got the Touring because it was sold to me for a really low price. So I assume I have to go to any wrecker in Melbourne to ask them in person? Since my Google searches don't seem to yield any online wrecking stores heh. Thanks for your response as well EDIT: Googled Toyota Melbourne wreckers and way more results came up
  8. Thank you so much Scott. I understand how they work now. Any idea where I could get a Sportivo rear lip or similar brand new though? And what would the cost be like? Just weighing up my options before I make a decision
  9. As the topic states, I've noticed that Aurion Sportivo rear diffusers seem to be just stuck on right below the reflector brake lights (the small rectangle red ones) as pictured here Picture credits to VIPZR6 Is my assumption correct? I'm asking because I have a second hand '09 Touring with a towbar that has been removed, leaving a hole in the middle of my lower bumper. Wondering if I have to entirely replace the stock bumper with a sportivo rear, or simply cover the stock bumper with a sportivo rear. Sorry if my wording's a little bit weird, I'm still pretty new to all this. Thanks in advance for any assistance provided!