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  1. Somethings up wit my engine and its not runnin smoothly. it sounds like its not gettin enough fuel and is only running off of 3 or 4 of its 6 cyclinders. My mates recon its somethin to do with the earth lead between the alternator and the battery and also that the spark plugs could be wet. i was wondering if anyone knows where the spark plugs and the earth lead are situated in a 1994 supra as we have looked every where and i wana have a quick look before i take it into a mechanic. cheers John
  2. john04


    Ohk so ive got insurance sorted now, just to remind use i have a standard 1994 supra non turbo. anyone have and idea what the engine power out put is like how many kW. i no crap all about cars so yeh and ive surfed the net couldnt find much. thanks John
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    Hey I just bought a new 1994 supra but insuring it is preventing me from keeping it for longer. I live in Queensland and have just turned 17 and i was wondering how much anyone else around my age was paying for insurance and with what company Cheers, John