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  1. Sorry to hijack your thread Luke .... I have a question for Silvabullit. Are there any advantages of getting Kings low in the front and super low in the back if I am on stock rims and stock shocks with front strut and rear sway ?
  2. Nah man I'll only go King Lows (35mm drop), becos I still want a decent ride as well as the ability to negotiate steep driveways and approach speedhumps without coming to a near standstill. But each to their own and thanks for ur advice anyway :) Hey grima88.. have you lowered your car yet ? I am going to lower my car at the start of the year when I come back from holidays..
  3. Does anyone know the cost for installation for a coilover ?
  4. I got mine late august 03... abit over 2 yrs... still loving it...;) how abt the oldest active toyota owners club australia member ?... heheh.. no.4
  5. How much do the Work Emotion CR 16" or 17" rim costs ? $2k ?
  6. Anyone with a Sportivo (or modded) had a go with a new golf GTI yet ?? heheh.. I wonder if they really do 6.9 with DSG as VW have claimed. But i reckon they will kill a stock sportivo.
  7. I think a 350z is classifed as a High performance six cylinder engines...pretty sure.. well u know.. sportivos... should be banned... too fast .....:D NSW dont have any restriction before.. but after 11 of july.. people who get P plates have the above restriction.
  8. Prohibited vehicles are those with: Eight or more cylinders. A turbocharged engine (diesel exempt). A supercharged engine (diesel exempt). Engine performance modifications. High performance six cylinder engines. So my first choice for a stock car would be: 1. lotus elise 2. S2000 3. Type R
  9. I m thinking of getting toyo proxes t1-R.. they have 195/55 for about $200 per tyre... anyone has any comments ?
  10. I do it time to time, but not braking hard.. and then rev matching...and accelerating. I usually heel toe to rev match when turning around corners... or just rev match to slow down the car..
  11. 100% sure thats for the pre-facelift stivo.. the front bumper and grill on the post-facelift is one piece...
  12. Nice ride ........ :) Which gen 3sgte does it have ?
  13. rattling noise from the right dash board when i hit >4k rpm originates from the bloody cruise control. this might be to do with your car keys.. next time try to hold the key and see if the noise disappear or not. I put a heavy keyring to stop that noise.. and it works.
  14. Just to let you guys know.. :) and yes it has 141kw quoted from the website. *Certified power output 141kW measured in accordance with ECE 85/00. Power output may vary in accordance with conditions and testing methods