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  1. Hi Ben, Do you know if there's anything that's started obstructing the airways? Maybe something between the Turbo and the inlet manifold has come adrift and is restricting air-flow...that way it would show boost, but not actually have adequate airflow.
  2. Hi All, I've had a snoop around and tried using the search function, but couldn't see if anyone had asked the same question. It turns out when a vehicle gets licensed or goes over the pits and it's reweighed, and the Rego's written up with various specifications that they go by the manufacturers specs for the vehicle. Strangely this has led to a tow-capacity for my Hiace of 2000Kg which I know is not correct...or at least - not correct for Australia. Now, I don't need to tow anything above 1000Kgs+/- 200Kgs, but it is interesting to note that the same vehicle in Europe was rated for 2000Kgs whereas Australia gets a 1400Kg rating...I wonder what was different. Does or has anyone have/had/has a 1.4 T towbar fitted to their Hiace, or could someone recommend a place around the Perth WA area to have one done? I've had some quotes already, interestingly a 1T towbar you can get for about $400, but an extra 400Kgs will cost $1090....so I'm wondering if I'm being taken for a ride, or if they're just getting hard to get. Alternatively, if someone has a 1.4T towbar for sale, how much would you want for it? Cheers!
  3. Hi everyone, This place looks like a good resource to find information - really looking forward to getting good use from this forum. I have an old 95 model LH125R Hiace Commuter with 14 seats and 'character'. Got it a few years ago now, but I think this place will provide the knowledge needed to keep the old bus alive for as long as possible. Thanks for having me here - cheers!