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  1. Hi, guys, I did some research yesterday. First I fund this under by steering wheel. According to the part number, I found my remote control part number is PZQ71-00042. Then I searched this on ebay. The frequency is stated as 304MHZ ASK on the item page. Then I compared the blade of my key with ebay picture. It should be TOY43 (I believe). For the chips, on a page I found on google, it is either 4C or 4D67. Since 4C is really common. I bough a new key as 304mhz, 4C chip TOY43 key blade. If ti works, I will let everyone know. Fingers crossed.
  2. When I am trying to shop online, it is saying something like "key for Toyota Corolla with 315mhz 4D68 chip TOY43 key blade". I have no idea if it fit my car or not.
  3. Hi, guys, Could any one provide me some information about by car key? Or is there any where I can check information for it? I am trying cut a fancy folding key (Pic. 1) for my corolla wagon to replace both the only remoter I got and the key. But I can't figure out what is the transmit frequency for the remote and what's the security chip inside the key. Also, is the key blade universal for all corollas, or I had to find the specific blade for my car. Attached in the picture, there was a metal plate with No. 69620 came with the key. Not sure if it helps. Thank you. Regards, Ray.
  4. Thank you for your help. I found this on internet. But I don't know what 10 CCS means on the EUC box. Is that pin 10 of the 35 pin ECU plug?
  5. Thank you for your help. If I got a new clockspring, the ground wire for the horn is the only one actually ported out from the clockspring. Should I connect the red wire of the cruise control to some pin on ECU, or some other port in the car.
  6. Hi, I want to fit a after market cruise control in my corolla 2005 Dec. It is ZZE122R, 1.8L, A/T, electronic throttle body control. However, all the "How to video" on youtube are not same as my car. I had some photo attached. I only have 2 pins in that port and only 1 pin is actually ported out on the other side. How can I fit it in the car? I know the black wire is ground. Where should I plug the red wire in? Don't laugh at me. I tried to plug the red one in the spare pin and the black one on the metal part of the steering wheel (I though it's ground). But when I press cruise control, the horn rang off.