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  1. oh, so its just a drop in? if so, wouldn't it be way cheaper to just get a K&N performance filter for around $80 or just buy a TRD filter itself?
  2. damn. well either way do you have some links or source to this intake?
  3. Damn, another variant engine. There are quite a few out there now, but only one in Australia. I just hope all these parts are for the most part interchangeable because the Scion is our best bet for decent aftermarket parts on the cheap. Yeah all this is true, it is nice to have the whole clean OEM TRD look and such. I personally quite like a lot of the TRD body parts more than their performance parts, the Gundam series body and interior parts look nice too but are made for a red car, nothing paint can't fix though. Wow, didn't know about those new laws coming in. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. Damn, well i guess we just have to wait for that TRD one then? **** thing is import costs and stuff like that, plus the price of it wont be cheap either because its a TRD part. But Guess that is the cost of playing it safe.
  5. Aight man, cheers for all that. This really makes me wish I had stayed up in Darwin, less problems with modifications, more turbos on P's, All that good stuff. But yeah, I had heard about that whole sound thing but when do they even test that? like can they just pull you over for random sound tests or is it whenever you go track or something like that? Because to be completely honest half the cars here have some form of minor defects. Also ultimately in the end I'm not specifically looking for performance gains, like I am aware it dose almost nothing but make it have that intake noise, which i was told and am much more interested in.
  6. I have been looking into getting a short ram intake for my corolla, not entirely keen on spending for the K&N typhoon one: so i was looking at this one: and i am just wondering if anyone has any experience with either of these products and which would be better to do a quick swap plug and play type of install, cause i think that here in melbourne we need to have them shielded and supported which im sure the K&N one has both but the HPS i am not entirely too sure about. If anyone has any other products that they know work and are soild choices at a similar or lower price than the K&N then please share. Thanks for any help guys.