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  1. Yes well I think you could have a point. Like I mentioned when I keep pulling on the up switch for the elect window sometimes that will stop it other times it does not, so maybe that is when the window is not quite all the way up. I notice that the drivers window will often go all the way down and not stop at say 3 - 4 inches down. The passenger side will stop as soon as the switch is released. Toyota did a recall fix not long after I got the car for the electric windows so I'll ask them about this next service which is about a couple of months away.
  2. Hi No Trent the window does not drop at all. I'm thinking it is vibrating against the top part of the door rubber because if I wind it down even just a little it stops. Maybe the electric winder is not holding it up firmly enough, because if I hold the winder in the up position operating it repeatedly it can sometimes find a happy spot with no vibrating. So maybe there could be something in what Trent is suggesting. No Tony the rubbers haven't yet begun deteriorating. Thanks for the suggestions I'll post back if I find the answer.
  3. Hi I have a 2007 Aurion Sportivo and the drivers window has a rattle/vibration sound which is annoying as it is at about ear level. If I push the power window down just a little it stops it. This is fine for around town, but not so good on highway due to wind noise. I'm wondering if the cause could be wear in the door/window rubber, anyone else had this and know of a fix? Regards Allan
  4. Thanks everyone seems like it's not a problem.
  5. Thanks Trent that good to know. Regards Allan
  6. Hi I'm wanting to do some electrical work on my SX6 and will as a precaution unhook the negative battery terminal. Now will this upset the stock radio in my car with regard to the code? If so how can I find out what my radio code is. I bought the car second hand and there is no record of the code in the log books. Anyone know where this code be found. I've read this is the last 3 digits of the VIN code but not sure how this can work if the original owner changed it. Regards Allan
  7. Hi I have a 2007 Aurion Sportivo SX6 and just bought a Sony XAV-712BT head unit to replace the aging original 6 Stack CD /Radio. I was hoping to find a YouTube video to assist me with the install, but so far I cannot find any. I have found info on the removal of the old system it's the install and I mainly want to see one showing the wiring being done and in particular for the setup for the steering wheel controls. For the steering wheel controls I have a Steering Wheel Control Interface (SWI-RC) from Pacific Accessory Corporation (PAC). So if anyone has come across any videos that might be of help I would greatly appreciate a link. Regards Allan
  8. Hi Helen I recently bought a 2007 Aurion Sportivo SX6 and had some some engine issues which my local Toyota dealership fixed. The service manager mentioned the sticky dash, which I thought was some adhesive from the dash mat. He mentioned that they may be able to have it replaced and said he would advise me. So from that conversation I decided to do some research and discovered this post.I have asked to join the FB group. Regards Allan
  9. Hi Just to clarify the Toyota Dealer doing the work is not associated in any way with where the car was purchased from. Well the Toyota workshop did a compression test and found all to be OK. They also said that the oil is clear and free from any sludge. The vehicle is not blowing any smoke at all now. I also did what CHA54 suggested : "If you want to re-create the smoke on the road, flick it into manual shift mode so it will hold the gear you're in, find a long downhill section and engine brake all the way down the hill. At the bottom of the hill accelerate away and you will see a large plume of smoke out the rear". Again no smoke at all. I have been on a few long drives to recreate the situation and on all occasions no smoke was observed. To recap the Toyota workshop replaced the PVC valve, did an engine flush replacing all the oil and filter and did a compression check. They also stripped down the engine to visually check inside and the report was that all looked good. The service manager also borrowed the car overnight (with permission) took it for a drive and also to check it out at first start up in the morning and he said that it was all good and was happy with how the car drives. They want me to do a few trips just to be sure over the next few weeks but say that they are confident all is now how it should be. Again thanks to everyone on the forum for your support and suggestions it has been very much appreciated. Regards Allan
  10. Yes your probably right there, bit naive on my part. The car was sold as a one owner with full service history and I did not get the log books until I was actually leaving. On the up side the local Toyota dealership are still looking into the problem and the dealer in Ballina has given them the OK to continue to look into what the problem is. I have mentioned the valve stem seal as a possible cause, however from their inspections so far they aren't ruling it out but said it's rare in the motor that's in my car. It goes back in to the workshop next Tuesday, so I'll let you know what they find. Regards Allan
  11. Thanks for the input you guys it is really appreciated. I will suggest this to the (Port Macquarie)Toyota dealership. They will need to contact the yard in Ballina I guess to get the approval for the necessary work to be done. I'll update when I know more. Regards Allan.
  12. Yes that's right actually it is fine after the first start up. When I picked it up from Ballina it was driven around town all day and did not have any problem until I headed home and stopped at a rest stop. But to date yes if I was to hop in now and just drive locally round town it is fine. Just started it there was a very small amount of smoke, it,s been parked up all day just started this morning.
  13. Hi this video shows what it was like. This also is the morning after I arrived home from Ballina about an 6 hour drive Bad exhaust.mp4
  14. Yes after the local Toyota workshop did the work previously described the smoke has reduced dramatically. I attached a video in my original post that shows what it was like. It was very bad cars behind me at that time could almost not be seen. This is what is in the service log book which was given to me when I left the car yard in Ballania. and the 150 K service was done by the car yard I bought it from. Service history from the log book 30k yes 37.5K no 45K no 52.5K no 60K no 67.5K no 75K yes 82K no 90K no 97.5K no 105K no 112.5K no 120K no 127.5K no 135K no 142.5k no 150k yes Current KM's is 150km Regards Allan
  15. Hi trentmeyer23 It was overnight on both occasions. Say from about 4pm until about 10am next day Regards Allan

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