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  1. More of an unstated discount for this sale. I have enough on hand to wait for a better discount sale @ 30%;= $36+ I also have enough engine oil on hand so I can afford to be particular and wait for 40% or 50% discount price. After a bit of recent research, I am now using full synthetic 5W-30 engine oil in the four stroke mower engines.
  2. This morning, I checked the armrest insert and how the rear of this insert connects into the covering panel at the back of the boot. As I recall , I detached the the armrest insert from the boot back panel by working inside the boot. Once you have done that, then the seat back rest lifts out very easily. After I refitted the rear seat, I left refitting that armrest insert to the boot panel for another day.
  3. You have reminded me. There is also the centre drop down section in the back rest. Open/drop it down and see if there are any retaining bolts. Look in the boot and you will see the opening where it comes through. Just disconnect the back rest from that boot interior piece.
  4. After removing the 4 bolts, the back rest is now ready to be removed. There are 2 anchoring points at the top where the 2 metal loops slot into. It is a case of pushing up the backrest then struggling with the central seat belt to fully remove the backrest. When refitting, the removal procedure is reversed. Fully extend the central seat belt first, then slide in the back rest.
  5. It is all about maintenance and driver care vs abuse. I would recommend using a quality full synthetic engine oil and changing it every 5000-7500 kms or 6 months. Also check and change the coolant and use fuel with the recommended RON rating. Drive sedately and avoid over-revving the engine. Actual Corolla Sportivo owners should be able to provide more specific advice.
  6. Facts bear testament to his speeding. There is dumb and dumber all rolled up in one. Hope he was crying at least on the inside. Police report and his insurance claim will be another source of merriment. I am assuming that speeding will not invalidate his insurance claim but the claims process could be extended and repair delayed. Karma can just keep on giving.
  7. T10 size bulb You want to have a very compact size to fit into the front parking light housing. Have a read of this previous post. If you are after a budget buy, then you could look at this listing. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/143625840326?hash=item2170c466c6:g:AEgAAOSwyyZdt~qQ
  8. I am just thinking that the less stressed the engine design, then better potential for being over-engineered to achieve engine longevity. As an example I have already noticed a few YouTube videos about GR Yaris engines being pulled apart for repair. Underlying cause may very well be customer abuse but yet to take time to view those videos. As for the V6 Camry, not enough sales to justify its continuation compared to the Toyota Kluger. Also there are supply chain issues e.g. semi-conductor chips so production is being constrained and scarce resources directed towards models in demand.
  9. There are existing Forum posts relating to this topic. General consensus of opinion is that you are wasting your money using 98 PULP. The engine has been tuned to use 91 RON or higher. When petrol was cheaper earlier this year, I was filling up with 95 PULP. Now back to using 91 ULP. Last year, I did a return trip from Brisbane to Cairns using 95 PULP. It more proved that my leadfoot outwighted any expected fuel economy gains over 91 ULP. Something else to consider is that 95 PULP should be a better quality fuel than 91 ULP. End of the day, it is your choice what fuel you use.
  10. Similar to Bigmike62, I mostly use cruise control for highway cruising. Depending upon the hill incline, there may be no noticeable gear change and increased engine revs. Other times, you notice gear downshifts and engine rpm change from 2000 rpm to 3000 rpm. For reasonably different inclines, I have learnt to increase pressure on the accelerator and this can delay or even avoid the gearshift.
  11. campbeam


    Temperature Indicator needle sits right on half way in my Aurion. Like yourself in my previous Toyota, temperature indicator needle sat just below the horizontal. I would have been a bit suspicious about the radio being turned on during the test drive. I would be inclined to open the hood and listen for any noises while the engine is idling. Something else to check is the wheel bearings. Also check whether the tyres are wearing evenly. Next step would be to get an independent inspection to confirm if any warranty work is required.
  12. For one answer, recycling, look at my previous post on 5th May. There was another YouTube video[?] where it was reported that Tesla has committed to buy all of the Australian lithium production. Lithium could be mainly reserved for electric vehicles and other battery types used in other applications.
  13. As reported in this YouTube video, CATL [world no.1 battery supplier] and Tesla have joined forces together. Presenter is expecting that they will be 2 of the largest companies by 2030. This will ensure that Tesla has the necessary battery supply for their future vehicle production. Purely speculating but this indicates to me that Toyota will have to join forces with multiple battery suppliers to ensure their future survival. Securing your supply chain and reducing production costs will be key factors.
  14. Best bit of fun was driving down the Cunningham's Gap [near Warwick QLD] without any vehicles in front and not using any brakes or accelerator. I stayed within the speed limit and recommended speed signs using the Sports Select to go down and up the gears to either slow or accelerate. Certainly gave the transmission and ATF a good workout so did a change of the ATF when I got home. Most of my driving is using D [Drive] but when going down a mountain range I am likely to use Sports mode to save using the brakes too much.
  15. Distance is going to be very much dependent upon your leadfoot and the condition of your vehicle. Before COVID-19, I was doing an annual round trip from Brisbane to Wagga Wagga. One year fuel economy was 7.84 Litres per 100 kms. Next year it was 8.39 Litres per 100 kms. Assuming an average fuel economy of 8 Litres per 100 kms, theoretical travelling distance would be 875 kms. Ideally, you should be refuelling well before the 1/4 Full mark. In planning a road trip, I have an idea where and when I will be having rest stops [2-3 hours] and refuelling stops [usually based upon an Interne
  16. Large cardboard is a good workaround. I do have one of those pilates mats, not used [by me] but too thin. I did check the size and thickness of this mat so it should be comfortable especially for my aging back and knees. This mat might also be handy to keep in the boot to accompany the spare tyre for those unwanted roadside events. Circuitous logic makes sense to me so you cannot order now. Presumably SCA webmaster has scheduled the activation of these options on the Superbuy product pages for 00:01 on 10.06.2021 or 23:59 on 09.06.2021 .
  17. Latest news about BYD and what to expect with 3 models being available in Australia within the next 4-9 months. Quite possibly, Toyota is using the BYD battery pack in their soon to be released EV SUV model. Good point was made that legacy auto makers are promising lot but not able to deliver much with priority to the EU market where penalties are higher if they do not meet certain mandated targets. I can certainly see a future scenario where ICE and hybrid buyers in Australia may no longer join wait lists if there is ready availability of EV alternatives/substitutes.
  18. I received an email from Super Cheap Auto about some Super Buys starting Thursday 10th June 2021. What caught my eye was this Mechanics Foam Mat for $25. https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/sca-sca-mechanics-eva-foam-mat/606763.html?j=4807320&sfmc_sub=25368615&sub=205970513_SCA01_CRP&l=333_HTML&u=101474365&mid=6010680&jb=184&utm_source=email-subscriber&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=au-sca-2021-wk50-sb
  19. Based upon 1 post in Quora that I read, it looks like the electric cars are being charged an increased rate of registration in various USA states. It is something that I have not noticed being mentioned in YouTube videos, yet. Victoria was considering a per km charge for road useage and there was a backlash. Seems to have gone quiet but no doubt it is on some future agenda. It will be interesting to see what petrol prices and registration costs are in 10 years time plus the debate about road funding.
  20. Located this URL which might be useful https://toyrolla.com.au/toyota-car-parts-7m-ge-7m-gte/
  21. Yes Tony. I will be waiting for your feedback as well as for the prices to become more within my budget. In the meantime, I am going to keep using P&S Beadmaker and Aerospace 303 Protectorant.
  22. I am more into the power to weight ratio than fuel economy. I have spoilt myself so anything less than 100KW in a 4 cylinder small size vehicle does not really interest me. After upgrading from a 4 cylinder 1998 Camry to having my 2006 Aurion with a 200KW V6, I am staying with my highway cruiser even though it is only used as such for 2 weeks of the year. If I was in the new car market now, then I would be mainly looking a hybrid model. After I retire and give up interstate driving, then I might have to consider an economical urban runabout.
  23. You have just provided another answer to the posted question. The best petrol for your car is what you have in the tank and also in reserve. My reserves are currently all filled up so can manage not to visit a petrol station for at least 2 months. Therefore, I can decide when I want to refuel and avoid most of the ill effects of the manipulated pricing cycle. Big assist is that I use public transport for the daily commute to work.
  24. Can I suggest that you take some before and after photos so you see how much of a difference these high performance bulbs have compared to your existing bulbs.
  25. Vehicle manufacturers are heavily influenced by government legislation to comply with stricter emmision standards. Not exactly knowledgable about the drivers for fuel efficient vehicles whether it is consumer market driven but more about those carbon credits being applied across the manufacturer's vehicle sales. End result is smaller displacement engines with higher compression ratios and turbocharging to meet government requirements.

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