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  1. Looks like you will be visiting your local Toyota Dealership.
  2. Either 10mm or 12mm plastic tubing will easily curve and fit into the fill hole.
  3. More thinking and expecting that the pricing will be the same. Increased prices, fewer sales. Lots of new models coming late 2017.e.g. Kia Stinger, Opel replacement for Commodore is AWD and 230KW etc.
  4. Only if they are heavily overstocked which is what Toyota would be trying to avoid. Internet article dated Feb. 2016 talked about the possibility of special edition Aurions with cosmetic changes for the end of model production farewell similar to Holden and Ford. Based upon recent sales figures, I would expect production of Aurions to be closely monitored.
  5. Best to avoid any Aurions requiring a water pump replacement unless you are mechanically inclined. Recent post advised 5 hour repair job with the engine still in car. Dealer quote was $2850 based upon 12 hrs labour and removal of engine. Remember to check service history/records. Engine smoke on startup is an indicator of heavy sludge build up in the valve cover.
  6. As a short, fat bloke (5'5") and having to twist myself into my 95 Honda Prelude which has a lower sitting position compared to my 98 Camry and 06 Aurion, I can appreciate what V6_fan is experiencing. Just going by the Press Releases, the roof line is lower but the driver sits lower in the vehicle. Real test will be when the 2018 Camry is in the showroom and going for a test drive in hilly terrain with sweeping curves. Personally, I prefer the higher seating position for better visibility and more preparation time for driving to stay on the road.
  7. For the last few months, I have been thinking about a wishlist of how the next model Aurion could be improved. V6 engine with more torque and power, 8 or 9 speed auto, longer wheelbase [similar to BMW design] more rigid chassis etc for improved handling. All of this without compromising safety, comfort and reliability, So it should be interesting to read the reviews for the 2018 Camry V6, particularly if there is a Sports model.
  8. Agree. Marketing hype; also "new" 8 speed automatic transmission. Kept doing internet searches so it looks like being the 2GR-FKS engine. When the 2017 Toyota Kluger is released, this should firm up the V6 engine and auto transmission specifications. More like the "enhanced driving dynamics" with longer wheelbase, lower centre of gravity, and more rigid chassis. I expect that this will be more aerodynamic and the 8 speed automatic transmission will also improve fuel economy. Wondering when Toyota would start to "lift its game" especially with the Koreans gaining more sales in the Australian market.
  9. Latest press release indicates Toyota will be importing Camry 2018 models from Japan; new V6 engine and end of the Aurion. Just speculating but looks like it could be the 2GR-FSE engine for the Camry and the 2GR-FKS engine for the Lexus. Reported body specifications for the 2018 Camry look quite appealing [to me] so maybe new car buyers will prefer the 2018 Camry V6 instead of the last of the 2017 Aurion runout models. Is the 2GR-FSE engine that much better than the 2GR-FE?
  10. I refer to RedBook when I doing research into different model and variants specifications. This is the link for the 2014 model We were just talking at work yesterday about new cars/SUVs. Interesting how Hyundai/Kia product has improved so much and now offer 7 year warranty. May be worthwhile to have a look at the Kia Rio for comparative purposes. When you have a definite shopping list, I would recommend using an auto broker. No direct experience myself but I know second hand that they can produce results unless you want to spend your time running around time haggling with salespeople. Last tome, I was in a Toyota dealership looking at a December 2010 deal, we got screwed by their method of salesman sell the vehicle then hand you over to a different person in a seperate office for the extras.
  11. Attachment outlines the steps involved and the source URLs for the water pump replacement. Not looking forward to having to do a water pump replacement. Probably take me a weekend with lots of anger management breaks. 2GR FE Water Pump Removal Information.doc
  12. For information purposes, I have attached details about replacing the transmission filter and adjusting the transmission fluid level. One bolt of the transmission pan is covered by a cross member and it is a real frustration to remove it. I learnt the hard way that the transmission fluid level has to be checked with the engine running. Also there appears to have been an update to procedures where an additional 200ml of fluid is added after adjusting the fluid level. U660E Transmission Filter Replacement.doc U660E Info 2010_8_36.pdf U660E AUTOMATIC TRANSAXLE FLUID ADJUSTMENT.doc
  13. I realise that your preference would be replies from other Toyota Corolla Sportivo owners about their experience. Until they reply, I bought a replacement radiator for my 1998 Camry about a year ago via eBay, no problems with delivery in a few days. Looking at eBay listings, it appears that the radiator is compatible between Ascent and Sportivo.|Model%3ACorolla&hash=item2ed62e5a44:m:m71IW8u1G0mY2VpvR9-fiKw|Model%3ACorolla&hash=item2ca9a5866c:g:nHgAAOSwP~tW41Lr
  14. As per the attachment, this is the flush procedure I have used on my 1998 Camry and 1995 Pulsar. It may not be totally comprehensive but contains the links back to the source URLs. I have not used this flush procedure on my Aurion. I would not recommend doing this until you know how to check the transmission oil level first because there is no dipstick on the U660E transmission. Toyota Camry ATF Transmission Fluid Flush.docx
  15. Definitely 70,000 km if towing. Full synthetic transmission oil meeting Toyota WS specification required for extended service intervals. I replaced the transmission filter and fluid at approx. 164,000km. Fluid was very dark colour and sludge on the oil pan surface. Internet posts by transmission shops are recommending regular filter and fluid changes. I am planning upon doing this every 50,000km unless I add an external inline filter.
  16. Agree. I did lots of research before touching the transmission. Common thread in posts was that issues arose within a few weeks of changing the transmission oil etc. Another issue was not changing the transmission oil resulting in transmission failures. Remember reading that car manufacturer's definition of lifetime = 10 years or 100,000 miles [160,000 kms]. I missed one bit in the procedure, must check oil level with the engine running. After topping up the transmission and doing a correct oil level check, I have had no problems with gear shift changes.
  17. You can either do a transmission flush that will fully change all of the fluid or do multiple drains of the oil pan.
  18. Lots of posts in this and other forums about the U660E transmission. Following gives an overview. I had no problems using a 6mm allen key to undo the drain plug and to then remove the internal plastic straw to full drain the transmission pan.
  19. Suggest that you try a different approach than an engine swap for something different. Working with what you have, supercharging or turbocharging is probably not going to hit the mark. Something that I have been looking at for quite a few years is fitting a HHO system. I even have a basic system still sitting in the box from the USA vendor. Since then, the systems have improved so now have this in my eBay watch list. Maybe one day, I will actually get off the sidelines.
  20. This is what needs to be done first to identify where to further investigate to confirm what part/s really need to be replaced. As you have discovered [at your expense] guessing can be expensive and still not fix the problem. In hindsight, Best to find a mechanic that has had experience with your model Camry engine and can properly diagnose the underlying problem.
  21. I bought my 2006 Aurion from a wholesaler via eBay about 2 years ago and then had it sitting for some months. Although service records were provided, no exactly filled with confidence that it had been serviced by a non-Toyota dealership under some extended warranty plan. Air-conditioning was ok but I thought that it could be colder. Decided to get the air-conditioning system checked and re-gassed before going on holidays. Mobile specialist checked the system for leaks; none, before re-gassing the system. I asked about whether any parts needed to be replaced; none, all ok. What he did mention was that the limitation of the 500ml capacity of the air-conditioning system [compared to other vehicles] and to use the recirculating airflow for better effect that having the system trying to cool hotter air from outside.
  22. Agree. Air-conditioning system was re-gassed in March 2016 and I have had the temperature setting on max. cold since then. Quite happy it was just this instead of a wheel bearing, the A/C Compressor or an engine belt etc.
  23. Fortunate enough to have previously read the post about sticking valve and A/C Temperature setting. I usually have the temperature setting on maximum cold and just change the fan speed and airflow direction. We have had a few 34 degree days in Brisbane so driving with maximum cold setting and full fan speed. After lunch, I had just turned onto the local highway and accelerated up to 80kph speed limit when I heard something unusual then the cabin was filled with an unbearable air pressure related resonating noise.This noise went away when the window was lowered but returned when the window was raised. Turning off the air-conditioner made no difference. Later, I checked under the car and noticed water dripping from a rubber tube,condensation from using the air-con. After checking the engine bay, wheels and the exhaust, I then went for a short test drive but no problems. A few hours later when accelerating onto the highway, I heard a clicking noise coming from the dash near the central air vents. While driving and changing the air-conditioning controls by touch, either myself or my passenger accidentally changed the temperature setting. All solved; no more resonating noises and clicking noise gone.
  24. I have been wary when bleeding brakes. Best to do your research for your particular vehicle for what the recommended/preferred brake fluid bleeding procedure is. My earlier vehicles had no ABS or Traction Control etc so the braking system could be considered quite simple. I specifically remember that the earlier Honda Preludes required special tools for bleeding the brakes so there were a few "horror" stories doing the rounds at that time. One very good reason for being on these Forums. Just like any repair/service, select those professionals that have the experience/knowledge for your specific vehicle.
  25. Read and learn. Looks like I will now have to consider changing back to DOT3 fluid probably with a higher operating range.