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  1. I will have a few years to sweet talk the girlfriend into getting a turbocharged GR Yaris then some back to basic and advanced driving school lessons. GR Yaris engine is,200kW and 370Nm of torque. Reality is more likely to be cruising down to the shops in the Aurion. Maybe by then, I would have had the Y pipe modification done and fitted hi-flow mufflers etc.
  2. More planning ahead for retirement. This is my motivational song when I am in the office. Probably gives you an idea what I would like to be doing when going for a trip to the shops in retirement.
  3. If this was an automatic transmission then I would be very confident in saying that the transmission fluid level is low and needs to be adjusted. I would also question or get confirmation of what transmission oil was used.
  4. I have to totally agree. I know that I feel a lot better just going for a drive to a further bus stop instead of walking to a closer bus stop. Anyway good sleuthing to get the part number and pictures for Tony. While you are waiting to get back on the road, have a look at this YouTube video.
  5. Severe driving conditions also applies to changing the automatic transmission fluid. All about marketing and perceptions of total ownership to get the sale today. Extended warranties and fixed price servicing are significant factors. Engine design is being pushed along to meet govt. restrictions. In turn, engine oils are being developed to meet the ever increasing demands of the engine manufacturers. There seems to be more specialty oils for specific engines, Euro cars etc.
  6. Fully support what Tony is saying. Brisbane is supposedly in a better situation but I am busy social distancing. At least, I have a choice to stay at home as much as possible. I reckon that those who get Covid-19 and survive will have their life expectancy shortened by about 10 years. Also expect the effects of Covid-19 to linger on for about 2 years before we have a "new normal". Better to be safe then sorry and prepare for the worst case scenario. Keep safe. Getting back on topic, looks like the Wesfil part should fit the fuel pump etc. I have also been having parts supply issues which are finally sorted out after a month delay. Covid-19 has certainly impacted the supply chain.
  7. I cannot say that I have noticed any significant differences. However I have been gradually progressing from mineral oils to semi-synthetic and finally to full synthetic. I have also been using a variety of oil viscosities ranging from 15W-40. 10W-40, 10W-30, 5W-40 to 5W-30. Because I do a lot of short distance driving, I choose to do a shorter oil change interval to keep oil sludge at bay. It will be quite a while before I need to buy engine oil but I will be mainly interested in only considering a full synthetic oil say 5W-30 or 5W-40 on special.
  8. Still trying to work out how long the engine oil has not been changed in this YouTube video. Worst estimate is 65K but also possibly in the 45K-50K range.
  9. I have seen this YouTube video before and had another viewing. Interesting because he is so NOT aware of how badly sludged up the engine was. Notice the amount of accumulated sludge on the oil filter cartridge. Also in his commentary towards the end, he mentioned about driving on the highway and getting a puff of smoke upon acceleration. He also mentioned about 7000 kms since the previous oil change. There is no mention about what oil he ends up using but the amount of accumulated oil sludge indicates that he really should be going for a shorter oil change interval. It would have been interesting to see the state of the PCV valve which probably could have done with a clean.
  10. I did a quick check up of the installation last Saturday. Oil separator bowl was given a wipe out with a few tissues and there was very little oil residue. What I did notice [again] is that the top of the oil catch can was quite warm. I assume that it is getting the heat from the airflow out of the valve cover. Anyway, I have bought another [cheap] catch can on eBay and will wait the few months for delivery from China. This one has a pressure gauge and no mention about being baffled. Expect that I will be inserting a tube to direct the incoming airflow to the bottom of the can.
  11. I will definitely be interested to have a read of that article. Perhaps it was written by John Cleese or Monty Python.
  12. That sounds unbelievable like a proven recipe for disaster. I checked the Lube Guides for Penrite and Nulon. Recommended oil for a 2016-2020 Kluger is either a full synthetic 0W-20 or 5W-30 oil
  13. I am currently using Shell Ultra 5W40. What I have noticed is that after less than 800km the oil has changed to a medium honey colour. I am putting this down to better additives for cleaning/removing oil sludge. Over the past 3 years I have been mainly using 10W40 SN semi-synthetic oils usually Penrite or Nulon.This is because I bought them on special. Now I have mainly full synthetic 5w30 or 5W40 on hand. Brands include Castrol, Shell Ultra, Penrite and Nulon.
  14. Nothing humble about my disagreement and this is why. My guess is that you are supplying a full synthetic engine oil to support an extended oil change interval.
  15. My yard care equipment refuses to start/run without 95. Lot to be said for being old school.
  16. I have not yet had to replace the engine mounts on my 2006 Aurion now with about 219K on the odometer. I bought it used with about 165K on the odometer. No problems with the top engine mount although I have been intending to reinforce it with Sikaflex.
  17. When was the last time that you had the brake fluid changed or checked the brake pads? I have recently lubricated the brake caliper slider pins [on all calipers] to correct what I thought was a dragging brake on the rear passenger side. I used copper anti-seize grease but Bendix has this product. Because I have not changed the brake fluid recently, I slightly loosened the breeder then pushed back the piston before re-tightening the bleeder. I spray cleaned the caliper then lubricated the slider pins. Reassembled then pumped the brake pedal and topped up the brake fluid reservoir. Repeated for the remaining brake calipers. This solved my issue and wheel rotates just as freely as the other side. Please let us know what the fix for your brake issue ended up being.
  18. When you start reading about fuel quality in Australia, it is lower quality with more permitted sulfur content. It explains why we do not get the latest generation Toyota engines which require better quality fuels. Eventually in the next few years, unleaded 91 will not be available. Also, I was of the belief that the additional power output of 203 or 204 KW was based upon 95 octane.
  19. Raining all day Saturday and this morning. Finally nice and sunny just in time for a Sunday nap.
  20. I hear and understand your frustration. For a few minutes on Saturday morning, I was in my own zone. Nice hot breakfast, refuelled the car and just driving at a slow pace with no cars behind. Unfortunately, it only lasted a few minutes so looking forward to a nice highway cruise away from the maddening crowd. In the meantime, I am doing lots of maintenance etc.
  21. I do agree. I usually run my Aurion on 91 unleaded especially when the petrol price is higher. Currently giving the engine a thorough clean out with the higher octane plus fuel additives. Also driving more for pleasure than for fuel economy. Good offset for the worries of our interesting times.
  22. Following YouTube video compares the Mishimoto compact baffled catch can [300 ml capacity] and its generic universal knock off For my engine [codenamed “Sludgy”] I wanted a larger capacity, taller baffled catch can to maximise the conversion of any oil vapours back to oil thus ending up with a 700 ml capacity can. It was advertised on eBay as being baffled but not so when I opened the can. Ended up fitting a plastic tube so that incoming oil vapour was directed to the bottom of the can. My thinking is that the air oil separator placed before the intake to the oil can will also act as a baffle. There are lots of other YouTube videos about oil catch cans but I do rather like this one. Now that is a catch can. Main factor is finding a suitable place to mount the oil catch can in an accessible position given the space limitations under the bonnet.
  23. In Brisbane, the petrol pricing is now in its low cycle. I was planning upon filling up with 95 which is currently @ $1.189. Just spotted 98 @ $1.239 so maybe a change of plans.
  24. Tony, just as a benchmark, how long after an oil change is it before the oil changes colour to a light golden colour. I usually look at the both the dipstick and inside the valve cover where there is a guard near the oil filler cap opening.
  25. If you look at the ToyotaNation website, there are similar posts about transmission changes in 2019 Toyotas. Looks like there was a technical bulletin issued in the USA and the solution is for the dealer to update the transmission software.. Best to go to your Toyota dealer and get them to investigate.