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  1. howd you go? what is your factory unit? i might be interested in it.
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    service docs

    Just out of interest does anyone have access to this? (07-13 Kluger service manual). Are they concise? I am interested in the audio wiring details https://toyotamanuals.com.au/document/landing_page/kluger-service-repair-manual-may-07-dec-13 Unfortunatley the system doesn't support mac so it is pointless for me to subscribe. Sorry if this question is not allowed. Let me know. Open to PMs Cheers
  3. Hi folks I am looking to improve a few things on a 2013 Kluger Altitude. First issue is to get the rear entertainment system playing through the speakers. The result may just be plug in Bluetooth or FM transmitter but I would prefer it directly through the head unit. Second is to get the rear camera to play through the head unit, Not the teeny screen above. It is my understanding that it is possible, just depends on how easy (and cheap) it turns out to be. In regards to all of this, what is the wiring in a Kluger like. Are wires/cables etc installed in the factory
  4. Hey all Stopping by to say hi. I have a 2013 Kluger and want to try a few things, mainly audio video related but we will see how far I delve in to doing DIY stuff. First things I want to do are, get audio from Rear DVD to play in the stereo. Divert rear camera to main Sat Nav screen. See you all soon.

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