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  1. Yeah it's mostly slugish when i floor it while still rolling, from a stop its usaully aggressive but sometimes if I slam the accelerator too quick (from a stop) my front tyres loose traction and the car shudders real bad for a couple seconds. Does this happen to anyone else? should it be loosing traction so easily ?
  2. So HID fogs are illegal? How else can I get yellow lights? ive got 8000k low beams, although I wish I got 5-6000k. Prob change it later. Fingers crossed no prob with the cops yet. Does it carry a fine or just a warning to change it
  3. Are yellow fog lights nice or ugly? opinions? thinking of installing 3000k HIDs
  4. Hi Guys, thought it would be helpful if everyone can share the different stores/websites you buy your parts from. this would help myself and others when they need parts. I'm new to owning a toyota so i have no idea where is good to buy parts. Cheers
  5. Thanks Trent, Just another quick question... When i floor the car it doesn't always get a big kick of power, sometimes just accelerates at a steady pace, car still speeds up just not with the power that it should...this is about 50/50 sometimes has power sometimes doesn't its weird... is it the transmission not selecting proper gear or some engine issues, lifters etc..? Anyone else experience this.
  6. today I drove my accord euro after a few weeks of driving the aurion and I realised how much better it feels compared to aurion. About the only thing the aurion has over the euro is more power but Handles like a trolley and boring interior. im trying to find some cheap interior mods to make it a bit less boring on the inside. any ideas ?
  7. you guys think it will look good on a gold aurion?
  8. Is this done for free by Toyota? even if out of warranty
  9. I'm thinking hopefuly it's the inner cv joint/drive shaft. As it is leaking grease. That might also explain the clunk I hear at acceleration ... is this plausible
  10. No lights came up that was the first thing I looked for straight after that happened coz it scared the crap outa me thought the car was gona just die on the road, and not sure but I don't think I lost traction...
  11. Hi guys i was driving earlier and stopped at red light everything was ok then went to accelerate and this massive shudder happened like as if car kept getting stuck then go stuck then go quickly could hear the loud noise and the whole shook with it as well as steering wheel. Lasted only about 3-4 seconds then disappeared and didn't happen again. I'm scared... Is my transmission showing signs of its near death?! :'(
  12. Hi guys I'm buying a wifi obdII and wanted your opinion on what's the best coolest app for this.
  13. It was western Toyota in villawood. Are these pipes 100% certain to fail or were there just some bad batches ?
  14. Thanks I will give them a go Did they replace the top or bottom? Or both? would I be pushing it to ask to replace both?
  15. Anyone had luck with any dealers in Sydney? The one I tried was western Toyota

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