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  1. I wrote to a few camper conversion places and also an Vehicle Inspector reply and if I want to NOT keep the seats, and NOT put them back in to pass next years registration then I do need a new certification from a People Mover to a Transit Van type. It wasn't too hard to accomplish and I had to do it in a hurry. So I removed the seats, some nice guy where I have my storage lent me his Rattle Gun and also gave me a hand (Those seats are heavy!) I removed the carpets and underfloor padding, silicone sealed the bold holes so I didn't asphyxiate from the monoxide, also covered them
  2. Hi, i just purchased a 2006 tarago van for conversion. initially i want to completely remove the back seats and stick in a matress for camping. I would like to sell/get rid of the seats as i dont have room to store them. once i do this will i have problems with registration in january? I did a search on the rms website, but the points they referred to, my modifications didnt seem to be a problem, but before i ditch the seats i thought id seek advice. i am in nsw on the central coast near gosford.
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