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  1. I wouldnt exactly blame SA for the poor build quality ... its a badly designed box. As is evident from the problems the guys in Japan experience on the Lexus ... which has the same box. (from a BM video) Same with the C-One RunX. B) But overall its a good car, reliable, fast, and fun. :D
  2. mmm ... me thinks I will look into that Matrix induction kit again B)
  3. Anyone else notice that the Auto Power window switch doesnt work for two days or so after youve reset the ECU <_< . Happens with mine and a friend of mine.
  4. True. Thing is he's not replied to my last 3 e-mails. Nevertheless ... money flushed :(
  5. Thanks guy :D The dealer already did all the form filling out, etc. He said he was also willing to mail me a receipt for the mail. I will send him one last e-mail to see what he says. I am at that point now where I am almost ready to write the money off anyways. Thanks for the help guyz. Nish
  6. I had it sent to an addie in AUS ... one of my companies customers. Parcel never arrived there. The post office reckons theres no way of tracking it as it was sent as normal post
  7. I must say that at least I have had good experiences with E-Bay ... touch wood B) I am actually at that point where I will prob just write the money off, but I mean ... it wasnt a whole lot of bucks, but it just makes you wary of these internet purchases.
  8. No <_< But I assumed the dealer would have taken that into account
  9. Guys ... some advice required from the guys in AUS for me down in South Africa. I purchased something from an aftermarket dealer in Aus. Payed for the goods into their bank account. My friend was in AUS at the time, so I had this dealer mail the item to where he was going to be. The goods never arrived. I am in contact with the other people at this address ... and they confirmed that the goods never arrived. This dealer has proof that he sent the parcel away, but the post office cannot confirm delivery. This has been going on for almost 6 months now. While I agree that the post office may be at fault. Should the dealer not take some responsibility for not insuring the parcel ?? Your thoughts guys / girls ... do I write the money off as a deal gone bad <_< or do I bug the crap out of this dealer till he produces a refund
  10. My 2cents worth guys. - From South Africa I actually think they purposely did it cause the pre-facelift had a bad reputation of not delivering claimed power. I know two guys which have the new spec, there cars are very similar to the pre-facelift model which had the ECU upgrade and airbox change (like my one). THe one guy had a pre-facelift and now bought a face-lift, he has done some mileage and he feels the car is very similar ... if not the same. It peevs me to no end when these articles talk about how the power has improved so dramatically ... yeah right
  11. I have a set of Eibach spirng in my Rolla. I would highly reccomend it ... the drive is close to standard. Very nice. I just dont understand why its so expensive in AUS. In South Africa it about R2000 .. thats about 400 AUS $.
  12. Its amazing what a lowering kit does for the RunX :D
  13. The place is called "Car Boutique" if were talking about the same place. Loads of wheels and other shops close by. I looked in KL and Bangkok, like you said, plenty of generic stuff available but nothing specific for our cars :( But their Volk lookalike are the best B) If you're going to shop around in KL, be prepared to drive @ least an hour out of town to get somewhere. We went to this place called "N1 Racing" ... had loads of cool stuff, but again nothing for our car specifically. But turbos, brakes, gauges the works !! In the road where N1 racing is, there are loads of other car accessory shops ... give it a search on the NET. but enjoy ... I know I did B)
  14. I think you get the best feel for the speed when U use the bumper cam ... I love the game ... but I hate the way the screen shakes when U knock something !!
  15. I love those C-one wings ... what they cost ya ?? And from where ?? U think they would ship to South Africa ??