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  1. You're a legend brother. Thanks alot for that. So that means those markings are QC and it's possible my PCV is original aswell. If it is or isn't, it seems to be in okay condition. I think I wrote in the post earlier it was just serviced before those pics, not even 100kms. I could soak it like Tony did on my next oil change if I feel the need too. Just wanted to say thanks alot to you and Tony aswell. Very helpful, friendly and informative πŸ€™
  2. β€œShe who must be obeyed "Hahahahaha
  3. Thanks Tony. I've read your thread on your 120k service. Very very nice, very thorough, great stuff mate. I suspected by my thread and the nut too, it looks really new, that the PCV valve may have been changed. It makes me question things even more 🀣. The engine has green paint on everything, like qaulity control type of markings, all the ignition clips and all the rest of it INCLUDING the PCV valve. I'll see if I have the pics from the dealership before purchasing, makes me really wonder, were the valve covers pulled off and a thorough clean done already? πŸ€£πŸ€™ If you zoom in on the last pic you'll notice it on alot of things.
  4. Yeah that's why I'm still in 2 minds about "flushing". Funny enough, that pic they took, the oil looks darker, then me going off the dipstick 500kms later. That's why I jumped the gun a little in our earlier posts. I think some short interval oil changes will suffice me for now, and see if good old penrite can relieve any deposits on its own.
  5. Here's a pic of mine. I got the dealership to take this for me before heading up to see the car. Was about 5 hour drive. Its pretty clean, just some slight varnish. Who knows if it's had a recent flush or not. I could take a better pic later on myself...
  6. Yeah badly. The sludge is insane. I'd be rinsing the engine with kerosene or diesel as you do. Can't imagine how the head looked.
  7. Hey Tony. How was your weekend? I guess you haven't been bothered to unscrew your PCV valve out yet? Still keen to see the head of yours, if it's similar to mine with the sticky varnish or not, with your perfect oil change record and all πŸ˜‰. Seeing as you and Campbeam are talking about sludge, check out this pic, I took a screenshot from a video. I know 2GR's are renowned for sludge with neglect but holy moly. That's a 2GR... Edit: I just clicked your video link. I seen that video just before my first post on here a week ago. Its insane aye πŸ˜‚
  8. I personally think it does. Maybe just from mineral days with rotaries. But yeah Penrite for me with my cars. Keen to see your PCV valve if you get a chance on the weekend πŸ‘
  9. Calls me crazy buy smells like Penrite in there now 🀣😜. Who knows what oil it's had in its life so far.
  10. I may have jumped the gun a little in the colour of mine, after about 700kms. Its still golden. I'm going to monitor for a bit and see how it goes.
  11. Thanks Tony that would be great for a comparison, if you have time over the weekend πŸ‘. Yeah I'll be doing 10k intervals and hpr 5 like all the Toyotas I've owned. Still in 2 minds about a flush, or 2, so I'll just see what happens. Keen to see your PCV valve and if there is any varnish on the head of it like mine. Guaranteed the head of the engine is the same.
  12. Nice. It's alot smaller then I was picturing when you told me on my post. I thought I better come have a read πŸ˜‰. I always wondered why Aurions have so much steam coming out on cold starts and cold weather, interesting πŸ‘