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  1. Yeah so those pics you sent me are the internals of the transmission. That's a monster job. F that. I can only hope it doesn't completely bung out or interfere with anything. So far so good. But it's early days. Code popped up 2 days ago. Cleared it. Drove normal for a day. Then today gave it a hit and it popped up again straight away. **** to not have access to it externally and it be easily accessible. Better stop putting my foot down so much. 65 thousand kms and I've already replaced the engine mounts, now a sensor inside the gearbox. F me. Give me back my gsv40. I know it's the
  2. Alright I see exactly where it is now on the pictures. 👍. If I can manage to spot it on the car, you should be able to just unbolt and replace, I hope...
  3. I thought they look like this and are located around the hub..
  4. Yeah but I'm sure you don't have to open the transmission to access the sensor? If so. No way I'm replacing it lol. I looked on top top there where i "thought" it should be and mine just has a bung there. Thanks for the info campbeam, always helpful.
  5. Howdy Fellahs. Got a good one for y'all. Does anyone know exactly which sensor is the VSS on the 2014 Aurions? I've got code p0500 coming up. I'm pretty sure there is a sensor on each wheel hub if I'm not mistaken? I think there's an ABS/VSS sensor located on all fours but one is the main one for the Vehicles speed? I've checked on top of the transmission where its known to be sometimes but there's just a bung in mine, so it's not there. I've searched the net and cannot seem to find its location =]
  6. We both should get one of those rolling/slide chairs for getting under the car 🤣 might be wise for me in the future for oil changes
  7. Hahaha you're a crack up. That's good to hear. Yeah it does. It's sought of "turning a corner" again atm. 2 surgeries the past 20 months and then it was going down hill again but yoga is saving it atm funny enough. So continuing with that and not doing anything strenuous or uncomfortable atm whilst the disc hopefully centers itself some more 👍
  8. That's what I was thinking just wasn't 100%. Thanks again campbeam, I'll grab them today. How's your engine going? Enjoying your catch can? Is it doing the trick for ya better then your PCV valve? Intake staying clean now?
  9. Sup Gents. I can't find an exact answer but as far as I can tell the gsv40 and gsv50 Aurions have the same size brake discs, is that correct? I need to replace the front rotors & pads. I have a bad back and can't bend over for long, so at age 31 it will be the first time paying someone to service my brakes. Hence why I'm not even bending down to check them out. Also we have the PBR calipers correct not Advic? I'm about to purchase the parts on ebay. DBA T2 discs and Bendix Ultimate pads.
  10. You're a legend brother. Thanks alot for that. So that means those markings are QC and it's possible my PCV is original aswell. If it is or isn't, it seems to be in okay condition. I think I wrote in the post earlier it was just serviced before those pics, not even 100kms. I could soak it like Tony did on my next oil change if I feel the need too. Just wanted to say thanks alot to you and Tony aswell. Very helpful, friendly and informative 🤙
  11. “She who must be obeyed "Hahahahaha
  12. Thanks Tony. I've read your thread on your 120k service. Very very nice, very thorough, great stuff mate. I suspected by my thread and the nut too, it looks really new, that the PCV valve may have been changed. It makes me question things even more 🤣. The engine has green paint on everything, like qaulity control type of markings, all the ignition clips and all the rest of it INCLUDING the PCV valve. I'll see if I have the pics from the dealership before purchasing, makes me really wonder, were the valve covers pulled off and a thorough clean done already? 🤣🤙
  13. Yeah that's why I'm still in 2 minds about "flushing". Funny enough, that pic they took, the oil looks darker, then me going off the dipstick 500kms later. That's why I jumped the gun a little in our earlier posts. I think some short interval oil changes will suffice me for now, and see if good old penrite can relieve any deposits on its own.

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