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  1. OEM and will never buy any other brand after this. Learnt my lesson. Thank you to everyone for the ideas etc much appreciated. Now to chase the dash rattle.... fun.
  2. After many headaches and stomping my feet and pocket burning I will preach to only buy Very well known brand shocks and genuine mounts. Turned out to be two issues on the struts. The first was the seat at the bottom of the thread was machined too much (too much of a bezel). The Second was the threaded shaft was too thin as well. And even the warranty replacements we exactly the same but i have since got my money back. All tho i have had issues with the product I will say their customer service is impeccable. There was also a third issue and that was the poorly designed aftermarket mounts the hole was too large. I wanted Genuine mounts but Toyota NZ had changed to a new part number but had not bought any yet and the first guy i spoke to didn't check for obsolete part numbers. Turned out they had 7 in stock under the old part number. So after 12 removal and installs and issues and with other suppliers supplying miss matched parts i am glad to finally have it all sorted. and hope this is of help to anyone else. Knowledge is priceless.
  3. I have had a couple of other mechanics have a look and they are adamant it is the shocks and that there is no play in the cv's. So i have used a brand called ultima (which i have used before with no issues) but I have decided to trust my initial instinct and have ordered a set of KYB for the front only since the rears are all good (at the mo). So they should turn up tomorrow .All going to plan round eight coming up yay NOT. I will also try the wd40 on the sway bar links. Will just have to see what happens fingers crossed.
  4. Hi All I have read the other forum on the suspension rattle and still to NO joy still cant find the issue. Any ideas would be much appreciated. It is a 2007 Grande (presara) with about 120000km Started off with worn shocks that were soft and a small rattle. The rattle is only on sharp short bumps eg driving into a driveway, Driving down a rough road it is just constant but on smooth roads and under 50km, driving over cats eyes no rattle. Since replacing the struts the rattle is just horrible. So I replaced the struts and top mounts and bearings. It immediately sounded like i had left the nuts on the struts loose. Went back and put the old struts back in with the new mounts and bearings and the rattle was quiet again. Tried another set of struts and same thing (loud rattle). So thinking that stiffer suspension may be amplifying my small rattle i went through one at a time to diagnose it and replaced tie rod ends, ball joints (since one was leaking), sway bar linkages, sway bar d bushes, and in turn found my steering rack was leaking and had that overhauled, oh and 2 more tyres because of the rack. but the rattle is still there. Had the lower control arm bushes inspected today but was told they were fine. I have been told that the inner cv joints have play and that maybe it. In all honesty i not sure about the inner cv joints as the car drives beautifully apart from the rattle. And the rattle sounds so much like your typical worn top mount. I'm torn on thoughts and money but cant afford to dump the car and i don't really want to either.
  5. From experience on my Grande/Presara engine rattle on start up is to do with oil pressure getting to the hydraulic lifters or air bubble in lifter. Rattle noise while running could be an alternator bearing or tensioner pulley.
  6. I third that i'm in auck and i may see one or two one being my fathers lol. mine is the same colour as full throttles but no skirts or spoilers being the grande but i have put the black 18s from my fathers 2016 zr6.
  7. Hey I'm pretty sure they can be plugged straight in the only thing i'm not sure of the is the plug for the mic.
  8. Hi All I had a intermit fault on my 2007 Grande security system. Cold mornings it wouldnt unlock the only way in was with the key open door horn beep once and headlights flash once and indicators would keep flashing for about a minute and car wouldnt start at all no fob recognition at all. 2 hours later it would be fine. 6 months later i found that the security module plug was not clipped in properly. I did have to been the plastic clip to get to clip in. And presto no more issues. Hope this of any help to anyone that has a similar issue.
  9. Reverse wire is up behind the headunit cant remeber the colour sorry but have a look at this thread may help. Handbrake wire is up above your handbrake i havnt managed to find it behind the headunit. Hope this of some help
  10. Hi Guys I'm new around here but i have done a aftermarket jvc headunit with factory reverse camera and yes the reverse wire is in that plug. just use a multi meter to confirm which wire. Without pulling mine back out i cant remember which colour.
  11. I have owned my 07 grande for a year now and found your forum has great advice. I think its time to contribute as i have discovered a few things myself.