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  1. Took the lower control arm off this afternoon - this is what I found (see picture). The bushing has a crack on both sides as seen in the picture. I'm guessing/hoping this will be the cause of the squeaking? Thoughts?! Replace the bushing or is it easier to just replace the whole arm?
  2. **UPDATE - HELP STILL REQUIRED!** Front sway bar D bushes have been removed and inspected - they are in good condition, no cracks, no deterioration, no disfigurement - I have cleaned them up and reinstalled them with some rubber grease. After a test drive it is quickly apparent that the original squeaking noise is still there. So.... Is this now pointing towards the lower control arm bushing or the lower ball joints? Any other possibilities?
  3. Thanks for all the feedback! Great idea with the mobile phone Trent! Wayne - all the bushings are black so I'm guessing it's unlikely they'll be urethane? Scott - useful info there so thanks. I will have a look at the D bushes tomorrow and see what I find. The noise is fairly even (doesn't favour one side) so that would hopefully point towards those sway bar bushes. Yes, the new shocks came with new bump stops which I used - no noise coming from those (yet...!) but will keep your experience in mind in case it develops in the future. Having said that, this creaking noise existed before I replaced the shocks anyway. Will post an update after I have looked at the sway bar bushes tomorrow!
  4. Hey everyone, Rear wiper isn't working as it should - see video below. Any ideas on what's causing this and what the cure would be? Sometimes it will stop 3 times across the screen in one swing of the arm.
  5. Hi everyone,When driving over speed bumps at slow speed the front suspension makes a loud squeaking, almost creaking noise. The sound is similar to opening the creaky door of your garden shed! It doesn't affect the handling/function of the car but is very annoying/embarrassing.Hoping it may solve the problem, I have replaced both front struts - they were 100% worn out so time and money not wasted, however this has made no difference to the creaking noise. Both springs and lower/upper rubber insulators were in good condition with no corrosion/deterioration so these can all be ruled out as the cause of the creaking.The video below shows you the noise when driving over speed bumps at slow speed. (**You will need to turn up your volume to hear it the creaking noise - it's actually much louder in reality, the sound hasn't come out very well on the video.**) Any ideas what could be causing this?I have inspected the sway bar bushings, although not disassembled them yet. They seem in good condition and look like they have been replaced in the last couple of years. Would it pay to take these apart and stick some rubber grease on them? Or are they supposed to work dry?Any other suggestions?!The car is a Toyota Corolla 1999, Conquest, 1.8l Petrol, AE112, 189,000kms on the clock (118,000 miles).Thanks for your help!! Joe