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  1. Hey guys Had a bit of an oops detailing the center console and broke the left hand air vent outlet. Is it possible to pop the vent out of the housing to repair or replace it? cheers Mark
  2. Howdy I have been given this Corolla. I'm not too familiar with the model as all my previous experience is with Camry. Are there still plenty of spares available for this model? Not that anything major is wrong, but you never know.
  3. G,day all I'm a bit lost as to what to do. And how to do it! Thought this was the ideal place to ask the question. I now have a 1995 Corolla, so the Camry must go. But I'm really torn. Is it worth even trying to sell due to its age? Look forward to advice. Mark
  4. Glad to find this forum. Current (Just acquired) vehicle is a 1995 Corolla Conquest. Retiring vehicle an 1990 Camry CS auto. (Tossed out of the garage into the harsh cold )